Saturday, April 13, 2013

Activities that can get her in the mood for sex

Have you ever experience being reject for sex by your partner? It's not about inability to perform sex. It will happen even if you know how to stimulate or seduce her, but by learning more you can increase your chance to get her into the bed. There are some of the time that you think that she is ready for sex, even with your marvelous foreplay technique can't let her feel excited. These are some of the activities that can help you to stimulate her and make her feel like want to have sex. These activities is going to get her into the mood but not a guarantee that she will be turn on right away.

One of the best things I like to do is massage, massage gives you the chance of your hand running most part of her body and she may give you a massage after that. While you are giving massage to her, you may find those special spot that may turn her on without notice. I don't mean her breast or neck, her head, ear and back may be a good place to start. The power of pressure you put on her head is crucial, not too hard unless she requested so. Sometimes I would like to do this while watching a movie, if porn is too obvious then you may try some mainstream movie that is very seductive. Find some movies that you know that can turn on both of you. This also extend the whole love making process thus lasting longer in bed.

Talking about touching each other, yoga class and dancing is definitely activities you can't miss. There are yoga design for couples to increase intimacy, Tantric yoga. And guys I believe you fancy of different Kama sutra sex position and I believe you watch those porn that the girl is very flexible in different sexual position. Well this is a good chance for both of you to learn and make your body more flexible, I believe it can bring your sexual experience with your partner to the next level. Same with dancing, it will stimulate and boost testosterone level while dancing, and your hand maybe naughty a bit during the dance.

Take a vacation, this may spend some money but it's quite good for a different sexual experience as you let her know that she worth it and you want her to have a better sexual experience. Search for some boutique online, you may not need to find those 5 stars hotel, search online and see where other suggest for a good hotel or even motel or homestay. Don't forget to drop by a pub to have a liquor or two, you will have bigger chance to get her into the mood.