Monday, July 30, 2018

How to keep your vagina healthy?

The vagina is a very sensitive and fragile part of a woman’s body which can clean itself up, but it’s also a gateway for various bacterial and viral infections. A vagina that is not properly cared for is obvious as there would be increased vaginal discharge, vaginal odor, and strange looking vaginal discharge. A good vaginal health equals to good sexual health.

Normally, the vagina has its acidic PH with good bacteria that help fight off the bad bacteria that causes infection when it is in its healthy state. There is also a small amount of vaginal discharge which comes from a part of the substance used to protect the cervix and the surrounding cells but when something goes wrong, there would be itching and burning in the vaginal area. To avoid infections, you have to keep your vaginal healthy in the following ways:

Avoid douching
Douching makes the vaginal lose its natural PH acidity which disrupts the healthy bacteria found in the vagina. When the vaginal PH is disrupted, the vagina becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and virus. Rather than use douching to cover up the bad odor of your vagina, go for a test to determine the cause of the vaginal odor. You can treat the vagina odor once you know its cause.

Maintain a healthy diet
What you eat and drink affects your overall body, including the vagina. When you eat a well balanced and nutritious diet, you’ll notice your vagina discharge are clearer and odorless. Drinking enough water will prevent vaginal dryness. You can also eat yogurt which provides the body with probiotics that helps in preventing yeast infection. Eat yogurts such as plain Greek yogurt every day for probiotics to fight off infection.

Use condom
During sexual intercourse, don’t forget to use condoms to prevent sexually transmitted diseases, some of which are incurable. You are exposed to the risk of HIV, syphilis, genital herpes, chlamydia, genital warts, and gonorrhea. You also stand the risk of getting cancer when you have HPV (human papillomavirus. Some infections such as genital herpes and HIV are incurable.

Avoid exposure to germs
During sex, some couples tend to use one condom for both anal and vaginal sex which is wrong as it can introduce bacteria from the anus to the vagina which could lead to serious infection. Sharing sex toys with your partner also causes transmission of germs and bacteria to each other.

Go for a regular checkup
To monitor and maintain your vaginal health, you should go for regular gynecological exams and pap smear to know if the vaginal cells are abnormal. If you are diagnosed with any disease, and it's curable, you’ll receive treatment immediately. Treat your vaginal infections as soon as possible and avoid waiting for them to disappear. You can treat yeast infections with over the counter drugs. If you have trichomoniasis and bacterial vaginosis, go for treatment at the hospital. Not treating them in time could cause fertility issues and expose you to the risk of an HIV infection.

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Something About Female Orgasm

Women achieve orgasm when they climax. Orgasm on the other hand is a sudden discharge in the vagina. For a woman to achieve orgasm during sexual intercourse the level of excitement must be very high and her state of arousal must have gotten to a point where she cannot help
herself but climax. If a woman during sexual intercourse is not feeling the excitement of it due to the fact that she was unwilling or maybe her partner is not striking the right spot, then she may not get any orgasm. A woman reaches orgasm when blood engorges her clitoris, vaginal, nipples and creates a full body sexual blush.

In reaching for orgasm in the female folks, a series of rhythmic contractions occurs in the uterus, vagina and pelvic floor muscles. When a woman is about to reach orgasm, her blood pressure, heart rate and respiration at that moment increases, and immediately her body
lets out the splurge, her heartbeat, blood pressure and respiration returns to normal and her body relaxes.

Women unlike men who get their orgasm in one way have numerous ways in which they get their orgasm. Some women get their intense orgasm through clitoral stimulation. Clitoral stimulation is when the penis penetrates into the vagina and after some simultaneous movement, there is a release and after the release it may be uncomfortable to continue the sexual exercise. While on the other hand some women do not get theirs until the erectile tissue (penis) hits their G-Spot. The G-spot is an area in the vagina wall just behind the pubic bone. Some other women get theirs not from clitoral stimulation nor from the guy hitting the right spot, some get theirs by merely playing with their nipples.

Women generally although wired the same in terms of sexual attributes, but when it comes to reaching orgasm, they seem to be wired differently because they reach orgasm not in the same way. Some of the ways they reach orgasm includes clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, blended orgasm; this one is the most pleasurable because it involves all the sex stimulating machines including the clitoris and the vagina. We also have mental orgasm, this plays with the psychology of the woman and it occurs without being touched by your partner. Verbal or non-verbal communication plays big roles here as winks, what they see, dirty and raunchy talk makes some woman reach orgasm in no time. Skin orgasm, A-Spot orgasm, U- spot orgasm, Deep throat orgasm are some other ways women get orgasm. Orgasm relieves menstrual cramps and also alleviates stress due to the surge in Oxycontin.

Some women have never reached orgasm their whole life. Haven never experienced this sensation is not a bad though, and it only points its fingers to the fact that you are not enjoying your sex life as you ought to. It is advisable for women to discuss this with their partners, adopting the foreplay technique is definitely the right call in this situation.

Monday, July 9, 2018

Oral Sex Tips For Women to Make Him Orgasm

The women who can make men melt from oral sex are the women that you want to be. These women know everything about pleasing a man, and they can do it so right. They are capable of giving a man satisfaction beyond his wildest dreams, and that is what you are going to do. You are going to discover how to master fellatio and give him earth-shattering sexual pleasure.

It is time that you stopped thinking about oral sex as being a demeaning or emasculating experience. Just because you are kneeling down on your man doesn't mean that you are beneath him. Women have these preconceived notions that giving a man oral sex means that you are giving in. Women are contradictory in that aspect as well as they want oral sex, but yet they refuse to give it. It's time to stop the childish banter and to give your man the satisfaction he wants because you are going to feel pleasure from it too.

Giving a man great oral sex will turn you on. Watching his body quicker and shake beneath you will be something that will turn you on. You will feel good knowing that you were the reason why he felt this pleasure and you will want to do it again and again.

To master fellatio and to be the very best that he has ever had, there are a few things that you need to know. First of all, it is not all about your mouth. There is more to giving a man oral sex than just using your mouth. Your hands are very important, and they offer him sexual stimulation that your mouth just can't give to him. You need to stroke his shaft with your hands if you want to make him orgasm. Sometimes your mouth is just not enough.

During fellatio, there are certain things that you can do that will spice things up and get his heart racing. For example, if you were to make moans and groans during sex that would create vibrations that he would be able to feel throughout his entire body. The vibrations would go through his member and offer him stimulation that he probably never even knew existed. Plus, hearing you moan lets him know that you are into to and that is the best turn on that you could ever give to him.

Stop thinking about oral sex with such negative connotations and learn to enjoy the experience with your man truly. Use these helpful oral sex tips to master the art of fellatio to blow your man way.
You want to satisfy your man by stimulating him with oral sex. You want him to desire your touch throughout the day then endeavor to give him a mind blowing oral sex tonight. Giving a man pleasure orally shouldn't be this difficult or intimidating. You can become better in bed and give him plenty of mind-blowing orgasms. If you want to be the best lover he has ever had, then you need to learn the secrets today so you can use it tonight.