Monday, March 14, 2016

How to boost the production of semen?

If you ask men, most of them will tell you that they would love to produce even more semen than they actually produce and to enjoy more powerful and long-lasting orgasms. Sadly, many modern men are suffering from low volume of semen. What is even more shocking is that this problem is usually linked to the general lifestyle and eating habits of men. So, by doing some small changes in the lifestyle and your eating habits, you should be able to boost semen volume production and have better ejaculation. For this reason, we have created a short list of some easy and convenient ways to increase the production of semen.

Exercises matter
There are many health benefits associated with training and exercise and one of them is the fact that physical activity supports the circulation of oxygenated blood to every body part. By paying closer attention on the lower body like your thighs and legs, you will be able to increase oxygenated blood circulation to the penis and testicles. Such blood brings many different minerals, vitamins and nutrients needed by our reproductive system to create increased volume of semen. In case you lack motivation to visit your local gym we have just told you one. You should exercise at least 3 times a week. In addition, to this benefit, regular exercise will boost testosterone levels which controls the reproductive and sexual activity in men.

Drink more fluids
If you ask any doctor, they will tell you that hydration is crucial for our health. In this case, semen production and volume is directly related to the amount of water we take daily. On the other hand, dehydration and taking insufficient amounts of water can decrease semen volume. It would be perfect to drink at least 10 glass of water a day. You can see the first results in a matter of days. Additionally, you can drink fresh pineapple juice because this beverage has proven to be helpful for those who want to increase semen volume.

Stop smoking
Of course, you don’t have to be active to increase semen production. Sometimes, quitting some bad habits can be helpful too and one of them is to quit smoking. Every pack of cigarettes you burn has direct impact on the quality and amount of semen. If you stop smoking you will increase the chances of conceiving a baby and you will feel better in general after a while.

Use semen boosting pills based on natural ingredients

Finally, don’t hesitate to try semen boosting pills based on natural ingredients. They include several well-known ingredients that come from Mother Nature and that have been used for centuries. They are packed with many different nutrients and they bring positive effects to both semen production and volume and boost testosterone level. Many of these enhancement pills can bring more health benefits. They also increase sexual desire, provide long-lasting and hard erection and don’t come with any side effects which are typical for pharmaceutical drugs.