Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Lubricants and sexual health

Lubricants are very useful tool for women that have problems with vaginal dryness which leads to having troubles to reaching orgasm too. There are many reasons for vaginal dryness and the most common one is the hormonal changes that happen in woman’ body usually after childbirth and during the period of menopause. However, very often this dryness comes as a result of taking certain medications and even contraceptive pills. Sexual intercourses in cases of vaginal dryness are uncomfortable and in some cases painful. In addition, because of the increased rubbing there is great probability for damages on the walls of vagina which eventually leads to inflammation and infections. Because of all that rubbing without moisture, men using condoms are also at risk because the condom might break. The easiest way to avoid all these unwanted consequences is to use lubricants and their helpfulness is confirmed by many gynecologists.

There are many lubricants available on the market so don’t choose the first ones you see. Keep in mind that this is a serious thing and you don’t want to choose something that will only worsen the situation. The lubricants usually consist of parabens, glycols and glycerine, mineral oils and sodium benzoate. We must mention the parabens which try to mimic the female hormone estrogen and are very often associated with breast cancer. These parabens can be very dangerous for the sexual health of men too because they can lead to prostate diseases and abnormal sperm. Furthermore, glycerine turns body into glucose.

This situation can cause candidasis and at the same time it irritates the skin. Glycols, which increase the sensitivity, are working in a way that they eliminate certain cells and just like other chemicals they are able to enter the blood. Another substance that can be potentially dangerous is sodium benzoate. This substance is also known as preservative against mold in the food industry and when it is used as a lubricant it can irritate the skin and thus it deactivates certain DNA portions. Many experts link sodium benzoate with liver diseases and Parkinson’s disease. An interesting fact is that if it is combined with vitamin C it can potentially become carcinogenic substance. Liquid paraffin covers the skin and prevents its normal breathing.

Luckily, lubricants are so diverse and they don’t come only in forms that we have mentioned before. You can find safe lubricants in every store and even on the internet. You can notice that the composition of these natural lubricants remind us of some beautiful distant cuisine. For example some of them include – hemp oil, stevia, ginseng etc. All these natural lubricants don’t have any side effects and they will certainly help you with your dryness problem. Some manufacturers even guarantee prevention of possible infections with the help of their natural lubricants. These lubricants even taste good and although they are not intended for eating they won’t be a problem in cases of oral sex. Natural lubricants based on oil are suitable for sex that lasts long. These lubricants are designed for maximal moisturizing and long-time rubbing. t

Natural lubricants are the best way to remove the effect of vaginal dryness and enjoy the sex with your partner to the fullest extent. 

Monday, April 28, 2014

When to Take a Pregnancy Test?

The most common dilemma among women that want to know if they are pregnant is whether they should wait to see if they are missing their period or take the pregnancy test before. The easiest and most reliable way to see if you are pregnant is to wait and see if you have missed your menstrual period and take the test then. These pregnancy tests that can be found in any pharmacy near you and all you have to do is use them after your missed menstrual period. However, those who can’t wait to see the results and want to do this earlier should know that there are few other things that need to be considered before taking the test.

You must remember that every woman is different and that the time it takes for fertilized eggs to be placed in the uterus may vary. Some women believe that the implantation takes place 7 days after the conception, but accurate scientific studies have proven that the first sign of so-called pregnancy hormone HCG (released after the conception) occurs six to twelve days after ovulation. Furthermore, in around 90% of the pregnancies the implantation happened 8 to 10 days after ovulation. That’s why it is important to understand that if your pregnancy test is negative that doesn’t necessarily mean that you are not pregnant. For example, you might have your ovulation a little bit later than the usual which means that the conception and releasing of HCG hormone happened later than you have calculated. It could also mean that the process of implantation in you took more time than average.

The sensitivity of modern pregnancy test can vary greatly. There are literally dozens of pregnancy tests on the market and they are not the same. The more sensitive the test is, the greater the chances that it will discover your pregnancy before you get your period. If the pregnancy tests works with greater sensitivity it can detect smaller levels of the pregnancy hormone HCG. For example, some quality pregnancy tests can detect 15 mIU of HCG hormone while others detect pregnancy after they detect at least 150 mIU of HCG hormone. This means that they need 10 times higher amount of HCG to detect pregnancy. That’s why you need to choose the pregnancy tests carefully and also try at least two tests in order to be sure if you are pregnant or not. In addition, a pregnancy test that is sensitive to 15 MIU of HCG hormone can detect pregnancy six to eight days after ovulation (in case the implantation happened) but only a small percentage of women can get a positive test that early. This percentage significantly increases in women who have made the test at least 9 days after ovulation.  
Sensitive pregnancy tests allow you to detect pregnancy very early which can improve your pregnancy. It also means that you can change your habits or adjust them to the needs of your pregnancy. 

Sunday, April 27, 2014

What is sexual addiction?

According to some statistics more than 6% of the world’s population is addicted to sex in some periods of their life. According to the same research men are much more affected by this addiction.

When we use the word addiction we usually think of people who are having problems with alcohol or drugs but people can develop addiction to many things like sex for example. The damages to our health that various addiction cause are very different. Sexual addiction has many characteristics of a disease. Just like when we talk about alcohol or drugs, the person is lead by a constant need to seek pleasure and enjoy in a certain type of intoxication that it considers to be necessary, although that need can cause serious disorders or even endanger the life.

If you are addicted to sex you will need much more sexual intercourses in order to feel satisfied.. You will have such an abnormal sex drive that you will have to spend a lot of time in sexual activities during the day in order to satisfy your needs or heal from those activities. This addiction can start to affect your performance at work, the relations with your friends and family and your normal everyday functioning. It is up to you to choose whether you will fight or try to control this behavior or you will like to continue you living with this condition fully aware of the possible negative consequences on your sexual health.

Of course it is completely natural to enjoy sex. Most of the people love the period when they are relaxed and when they can be intimate with their partners. But when exactly sex becomes addictive? One simple definition of sex addiction that is often used by the experts in this field is that, sex addiction is every sexual behavior that is getting out of control. Another important element of sex addiction is that emotions in the person that is affected vary sharply, with lots of “ups” and “downs”.

Those who are suffering from sexual addiction usually become very unhappy after the end of the sexual intercourse. They feel shame, regret and even guilty conscience. So, they think that the only way get rid of those unpleasant feelings is to have another sexual intercourse as soon as possible. There are few other symptoms that suggest possible sexual addiction problem. For example, increased frequency casual sex, or a huge number of sexual affairs while the person is in a serious relationship. Overuse of pornography is another clear sign of sex addiction. Another symptom that is often present in people with sexual addiction is using sex as a tool to overcome certain problems.

The consequences that occur because of sexual addiction can leave desolation and they can ruin important relationships, business opportunities and they can be dangerous for the health too. A lot of people that have problems like these are ashamed to seek help from a doctor but the truth is that without professional help they can’t overcome this situation. Use these wisely it will have a positive impact with you health like boost testosterone level, sexual desire. Porn can act as a Natural Male Enhancement Supplement as well, watch it with your partner and it will be a foreplay.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Men Burn More Calories In Bed Than Woman

New studies confirm that men burn more calories in bed than women. This was at first thought to be a myth but research now shows that it is the truth. Studies show that men can burn around 101 calories in bed and women just burn around 69 calories.

The study conducted of 21 heterosexual couples.  They did 84 sessions to help with the studies. They could not use any drugs that would help to enhance sex during this time like Viagra. The studies showed that men seem to be a lot more active when having sex and that is why they burn more calories. It also showed that the calories burnt in bed varied between women and men based upon how much activity they did. If a woman was more active, then she would be the one to burn more calories than him.

Sex can also help with boosting the immune system and it can help with making sure that you have good muscle tones and much more. Between having sex with a partner and working out at the gym, men can burn a lot of calories in one day the healthy way and have a lot of fun doing it. 

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sex after childbirth

New parents usually dream about the sex that they had before their children came on this world. The sex was long, weekends and vacations were filled with lots of sex and sometimes this activity was practiced in the mornings.

According to some researches most of the couples who have children were a lot more satisfied with their sex life before they got children, which is probably normal because they were younger and had fewer obligations. However there are ways to improve your sex life after childbirth and all you have to do is be willing to test these ways.

Couples with children should try to master the so-called quick sex and try to find time for intimate moments despite the obligations and sometimes the chaos that surrounds them. Everyone can and should find time for that because the consequences could be really bad for your health and your relationship too.

These intimate moments can start with a long hug for example. As many scientists have confirmed a long hug or a physical contact in general stimulates our brain which releases an important hormone called oxytocin. This neurohypophysial hormone is also known as the “cuddling hormone” and it is also released during sexual excitement, during intense orgasms and during childbirth.

Oxytocin is very helpful when it comes to creation of emotional intimacy, satisfaction, relaxation and building trust. According to some researchers this hormone is very useful with few other things like stress relief, lowering blood pressure and boost testosterone level. As you can see the releasing of this hormone can affect our health in a very positive way.  It is good to know that you and your partner can trigger releasing of this hormone during the whole day, a simple hug that lasts around 30 seconds will raise the level of oxytocin in the bodies of both men and women.

There are few other things that can stimulate oxytocin and sexual desire too.
For example, a simple kiss can do the job too. According to some studies less than half of the married couples kiss at least once a day. This is simply wrong. Kisses are not something that is reserved for teenagers only. Couples that don’t share hugs and kisses are risking their relationship and they are risking entering a sexual routine that tends to be boring. When we start to avoid kissing we should think about some changes in our lives.

If you and your partner are separated for longer period of the day try using modern technology to send provocative messages via the internet or the cell phone. In this way you will show that you miss him/her and create a sexual tension that can erupt later.

Don’t forget to talk about sex. Remember how you used to watch dirty movies together or talked about your sexual fantasies? Well there is no reason that you should not do this again after childbirth. Of course watching movies could be more difficult but talking about fantasies and dreams is always easy.

Having quality sex after childbirth is not something impossible, in fact you can maintain almost the same level of sexual activity that you had before childbirth as long as you are ready to put some effort. 

Monday, April 21, 2014

Top 5 Indicators That Your Man Is Cheating On You

Regardless of whether you are married, dating or simply in a relationship, one thing you dread is having a cheating husband or lover. Recent studies conducted among both married and unmarried couples indeed indicate that women fear infidelity more than anything else. With study results showing that between 50 and 60 percent of men in steady relationships and marriages engage in extra-marital affairs make it necessary to arm yourself with some knowledge of knowing your man is cheating on you.

  1. No phone call history – Many women have for a long time taken the habit of monitoring how their men make and receive calls on their mobile phones. They in particular watch out when their men retreat to other rooms either to receive or make calls and take that as a sign of cheating. It is important to realize that men who cheat have upped their game. They no longer retreat to receive or make calls; they do it in your presence. It is only that you will not be able to follow or discern what your man is communicating! A clever way to know whether he is cheating on you or not is to look at is phone records. Absence of call records or text messages should be a wake up call that something is a miss.
  2. Multiple e-mail & Social Media Accounts – Apparently, men who cheat no longer rely on their phones to communicate with their women. They have taken to communicating through e-mail and social media sites and Facebook in particular. It may be the right time to go searching on Facebook just in case you are suspicious of your man. Although he may use a different name, finding your man on Facebook should not be a problem so long as you know how to go about it. A good way to start is by filtering your own friends list!
  3. Missing Family Events – cheating men no longer leave home early or arrive late. They make sure that they are at home as one way of covering up their infidelity. Watch out whether your man attends family events or not. A responsible man not involved in infidelity will always want to be at every family event regardless of his work routine. You need to watch out when your man suddenly develops the habit of skipping family events by giving reasons that you cannot comprehend.
  4. Poor or Lack of Communication – How do you explain why communication between you and your man suddenly stops? What of change in his tone and the fact that he no longer wants to be so close to you? These can be signs of several issues such as stress and infidelity. Your man’s affection to you is bound to drop once he sets out to cheat on you and it is your responsibility to ascertain if that is the case or not.
  5. Physical & Behavioural Changes – You can easily tell whether or not your man is cheating on you by simply watching out for any physical and behavioural changes. You definitely know how your man dresses and his general behaviour. Although changes in dressing style may not necessarily mean he is cheating, it should serve as a wake up call to investigate further.

Living or dating a cheating man can be very traumatizing and agonizing. This is your man and you have all the right to know whether he cheats on you or not. It is only appropriate that you stop him before he gets used to cheating. You will not only be saving your relationship; you will be saving him too.

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Trichomoniasis

The main cause for appearance of trichomoniasis, a well known sexually transmitted disease, is a small organism known as trichomonas vaginalis. When it comes to specific risk groups, women are those who are suffering more from the effects of this disease, while men are usually only carrying this disease and transfer it to their partners during the sexual intercourse. 

Although trichomoniasis can appear in women in every age, this disease is usually present in young, sexually active women who often switch their partners. According to some statistics, there are more than 7 million new cases of this disease every year which makes it one of the most present STDs in modern times. What makes this disease specific is that if a man is carrying Trichomoniasis it is very difficult to discover it, because of the fact that there are no obvious and visible symptoms or signs and in most cases men start treating this disease when their partners find out that they are suffering from trichomoniasis and start with the treatment. 

Anyway there are few mild symptoms that can occur in men. For example, occurrence of irritation inside the male sexual organ, reduced secretion of body fluids ot burning and tingling sensation after ejaculation or urination are some of the symptoms of this serious disease.

When we talk about women suffering from trichomoniasis, some of the symptoms and signs are similar to those in men but there are few others that are more serious. The most frequent symptoms of trichomoniasis in women include: irritation and constant feeling of itching in the vagina, vaginal secretion that has unusual yellowish color and it is accompanied by strong smell and foam appearance and discomfort during the sexual intercourse. In some more serious cases, women start to feel pain in the lower abdomen. However this symptom is very rare. 

The symptoms don’t appear immediately. It takes 5 to 30 days since the moment of exposure, until the symptoms begin to appear.

Women that suspect that they are suffering from trichomoniasis should visit their doctor. The doctor must perform a physical examination in order to set a proper diagnosis. In addition there is a lab examination. This examination is performed based on the sample of the vaginal fluid or any other fluid that originates from the urethra, because these are the places where the parasite resides. Men can also visit a doctor but finding the parasite is much more difficult in men compared with women. Herbal Sexual Enhancer

Luckily, treatment of this disease is not that difficult and it is important to start with the therapy as soon as possible. In most cases, therapy with oral antibiotic is suggested. Women that are pregnant should be especially cautious and inform the doctor about their pregnancy before the doctor prescribes the therapy. These antibiotics can damage the fetus.

Besides women, men should also start with the therapy at the same time. In this way the partners will prevent occurrence of this disease in the future. Persons who are treated for trichomoniasis are advised to avoid sexual intercourse until they are fully healed. 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Sexual activity can improve your health

Couples who often have sexual intercourses are certainly providing sexual pleasure to each other, but they also feel better emotionally and they strengthen their relationship. Besides these benefits, numerous studies have proven that regular sex with the same partner can improve the health of both men and women.

First of all, regular sexual activity (by regular we mean having sex at least once a week) can significantly improve the immune system, which means it prevents occurrence of many diseases linked with weakened immune system like cancer, infections, viruses, cardiovascular diseases and more.

Stress is becoming one of the main reasons for different diseases and can sometimes cause death. People who practice sex regularly feel more relaxed and they deal very easily with stressful situations. Besides that, every sexual activity can help people with burning fat and it also improves the overall work of the metabolism which ultimately leads to weight loss.

If you are having troubles with your sleep or you are suffering from insomnia, you should know that sexual activity can help you. Those couples who often have sex have significantly less problems with insomnia. Sex acts like a tranquilizer that makes you sleepy and can ease your pain. 

When we talk about pain, women can benefit a lot from their sexual active life. They are more resistant to pain which can help them in times when they are having their period, PMS and other related pain. One reason for this is the fact that during the intercourse a huge amount of endorphin is released and it acts like a natural anesthetic of course without any side effects.

Aging is a natural process that cannot be stopped. However, regular sex can slow down that process and make people feel more relaxed, younger and prettier. People who have practiced sex regularly live longer and healthier compared to those who didn’t. All Natural Male Enhancement Supplement.

According to some researches people that frequently have sexual intercourses have fewer problems with heart diseases and blood vessel disease (thrombosis, stroke, heart attack etc.). It appears that sexual activity strengthens the blood vessels, the heart and improves blood circulation, boost testosterone level. Besides heart diseases, sexual activity can be useful when it comes to migraine too. There is an unexplained link between migraine and sex. Those who are suffering from migraines have increased sex drive and once they have sex, the symptoms of migraine are slowly going away. Sex can also act as a preventive measure against various infections, cold, flu etc.

When it comes to our mental health, individuals with active sexual lives are less prone to depressions and they also feel emotionally stable compared to individuals who are sexually inactive. This goes for both men and women and it is a well known fact that sexually activity affects the closeness of couples and it strengthens the intimate relationship. On the emotional side, sex is also helpful with building self-confidence.

Remember that these are only some of the areas where sexual activity can improve your sexual health.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

7 Signs That He Is In Love with You

It can at times be very difficult to know whether or not a guy who interests you and secretly in love with knows and reciprocates. It can indeed be a big challenge if the guy is one of those who is shy of saying the three golden words; “I love you”. Some of the reasons why you may not know whether or not your guy loves you back are your own perspective of love, your own expectations on which way love is supposed to shown, your own insecurities and his own behaviours that may seem to show that he is not interested in you.
There are however several ways through which you can tell that a guy is indeed not only interested in you but loves you.

1.      Considerate Treatment
A guy who is interested in you and loves you even though he does not say it openly will show consideration on matters regarding your feelings, sexual desire and needs. He will naturally be concerned about your well-being and will try to do anything in his power to make sure that you remain comfortable.

2.      Generosity
Many women consider a guy’s generosity to mean a guy being the provider of their needs. A guy interested in you and loves you sincerely may not say it verbally but will show it in terms of being generous with his time. He will want to be with you whenever he has time. He will in particular want to spend time with you during such special occasions as his or your birthday party, major holidays, Valentines Day and Christmas Day among other occasions.

3.      Priority
A guy madly in love with you but somehow afraid of saying it openly will go to great length to show it by way of making you his priority at all times. In addition to being considerate about your well-being, his language or speech will change whenever he talks about is plans. You will notice him use the term “we” instead of “I”, meaning that he thinks of you in whatever he plans.

4.      Personal Freedom
A guy in love with you but afraid to show that openly will always be mindful of your personal freedom even though he will want to be with you when he has the time. He is a guy who realizes that there are times when you need to be alone to reflect. He is a guy who understands you perfectly well and will know the right time to simply keep off.

5.      Affection
Guys who feel shy expressing themselves openly do show their affection in different ways and one of these is by exposing you to those who matter to him. Such a guy will take the opportunity to introduce you to his closest friends, colleagues and family members whenever the opportunity presents itself. He will most likely invite you to family get-together functions.

6.      Respect
Respect in relationships differs greatly from general respect. A guy who loves you but fails to show it openly will show you respect in different ways including being open, truthful and loyal to you. Although he may certainly not be perfect, he will try everything in his power to solve any issues that come up between the two of you in the most amicable way.

7.      Encouragement
This is one thing that guys simply out to flatter and play around with you will never do. It is only a guy who is in love with you who will encourage you to do what you set out to do particularly when he notices that you are loosing interest in the same.

A shy guy naturally finds it very difficult to show you that he is in love with you. The only way to find out is to look out for his actions. You need to pay less attention to his words and instead watch how behaves and acts especially when he is around you. Listening to the tone of his voice, how he speaks and choice of words when he calls are other effective ways of knowing whether that guy indeed loves you secretly.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Improving Sexual Health

One of the most important activities in a man’s life is to have sex. Not only is it important, but it is something that men want to do well. If a man can satisfy his partner then it makes him feel more confident about himself and increases his self esteem. When men are younger they tend to have a higher sex drive because their adrenal glands are producing a lot of testosterone in their bodies. This allows them to perform better sexually and increases their chances of giving women orgasms. However, as men get older their adrenal glands tend to produce less testosterone, which causes them to have a lower sex drive. Once this happens, the man will eventually feel depressed and have low self esteem. Then they will likely take antidepressants to try and relieve these painful feelings, but the antidepressants will just make their sex drive worse. Depression doesn't just affect older people’s sexual health because younger people with depression will also have a low sex drive as well. It’s just that the reasons for the depression will be different between the two age groups.

            To get a higher sex drive you have to find a way to get more energy and feel good about yourself. Sometimes all you need to do is tweak your mental state in order to increase your sexual health. This could mean going to a psychiatrist to talk about your problems and get rid of those mental barriers that are preventing you from getting aroused. If you need a natural way to feel better, then try some form of cardiovascular exercise. You could just go for a simple 20 minute walk or jog every day. You will be amazed how much better you will feel afterwards. It will also help you lose weight and promotes a healthy heart. If your problem has to do with testosterone production then you can either purchase a testosterone supplement at your local drug store or you can go visit your doctor to get a prescription. Finally, try new sexual positions with your partner. Sometimes couples that have been together for a long time will lose their sex drives because the sex becomes a routine that never changes. If you keep having sex in the same place and in the same position then it will get boring after awhile. That is why you should purchase a Kama Sutra manual and try out new sexual positions that you have never tried before. This will spice up the excitement in the bedroom, which will help increase the sex drive of you and your partner.  

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Few Ways to Improve Your Sex Life if you are over 50

It is a well known fact that the body is changing over the years but that doesn’t mean that the sex life should suffer with those changes. When the body starts to get older, sexual needs are changing too. Even the level of desire and possibilities changes too. The best way to deal with these changes is to talk about them with your partner, because menopause and andropause (male menopause) is something that no one should go through alone.

Over the years the level of testosterone in men is getting lower and this directly affects the erection – it is getting weaker, harder to achieve and the process of regeneration is slower. This inability to maintain a harder erection is usually solved with medications like Viagra or similar medication.

Women have to deal with lower levels of estrogen, which usually causes often emotional changes.

The cause for the difficulties in the bed can be found in non-sexual diseases too. For example, cardiovascular problems, high blood pressure, hormone difficulties, diabetes, anxiety, depression are all problems that can affect the process of getting an erection or vaginal lubrication. Besides these diseases, that are often found in elder patients, the medications used to treat these diseases and the side effects that they bring can also affect the sex life. Emotional stress that these diseases bring can also have negative impact.

Medications can affect both the sexual desire and the arousal and the ability to reach orgasm. In case you have noticed that the medications are directly linked with these things you should seek advice from your doctor. The doctor can prescribe other medications that might be better and you won’t feel the side effects.

After a certain age you really don’t need to be protected against pregnancy and this is a big plus when it comes to sexual intercourses because you can enjoy more. But keep in mind that sexually transmitted diseases don’t know about age so wearing a condom is still important if you are having sex with people you don’t really know.

A common problem that occurs in long term relationships is the discrepancy in the libido. Feel free to talk about that with your partner and maybe with a therapist. Having a certain time for having sex can be very beneficial in these cases. Maybe it sounds like getting into a routine but regular sex increases the desire for sex. Masturbation can also be very helpful, because it keeps the walls of the vagina in shape and keeps the erectile function in men on high level.

The life expectancy is continuously extending and so is the period when we are sexually active. In order to have sex even when you are older make sure you exercise regularly, watch your diet, avoid alcohol and stop smoking.

Try to spice up the sexual intercourse with longer foreplay or different kind of foreplay, change positions, use lubricants and don’t forget that sex is much more than a sexual act but also fondling and kissing.