Monday, August 4, 2014

Control the pregnancy with birth control pills

Birth of child makes a women complete, but the most important question is are you ready for it? Today’s women’s have a changed vision where career is given more priority over family. In a way, the thinking is right, because a child should come to the world only when his/her parents are ready to take care of it. If both the partners are working or are not financially stable, it is best to postpone the pregnancy for a few years until you are ready for it. Pregnancy is a crucial stage in like where a woman is reborn as a mother. Women’s need complete rest over this period and have to be pampered a lot for better sex. Pregnancy comes with different set of responsibilities for both husband and wife. As mentioned, it is always good to delay the pregnancy for few years if you have time and can wait.

How to postpone pregnancy?
This is one question that has many answers. There are many contraceptive methods which you can use to delay your pregnancy. Here are some of the best and most used contraceptive methods which can keep your pregnancy at bay without any side effects:

Yes, condoms are the famous and most used contraceptive methods. Condoms, which are made of latex, come in different variants and acts as a barrier between sperms and ovum. These are usually used by men, but there are condoms which are made exclusively for women. These are safe and pose no side effects for health. Condoms may be effective, but not all are in favour of using it. Some have issues with the latex and the friction. Condom manufacturing companies now make flavoured condoms which would give a different feeling during oral sex. There are long lasting condoms which are medicated with gel that ensures lasting longer in bed and hard erection. Along with being a birth control measure, it also protects you from sexually transmitted diseases.

Birth Control Pills:
Birth control pills are other effective contraceptive options. These pills which are easily available at drug stores must be consumed only after consulting your gynaecologist. These pills will not give you protection from STD’s like condom, but will effective help in maintaining the age gap between two children and also prevent unwanted pregnancy. These pills should be popped every day except the mensuration period. These pills can be stopped when you want to plan a family. A certified gynaecologist will guide you with the right pill that would suit your body type.

Intrauterine Device:
This method of contraceptive is one that has no or very minimal side effects. A condom can be ruptured or you can also miss your pills to make you pregnant, but this IUD device will ensure that your pregnancy is completely under your control. This device is inserted in the vagina by the gynaecologist and it stays there preventing the sperms from mating with the ovum. There are different IUD’s which are inserted depending on the period that you want to control the pregnancy. An effective IUD can prevent your pregnancy for a period ranging from 1 to 10 years. 

Saturday, August 2, 2014

The Benefits of Having Sex with the Same Partner

Single people often tease their friends that have the same partner for a longer period about their sexual experiences. But many people consider having regular sex with the same partner a much better option than having sex with different partners and avoiding serious relationships.

Professional sexologists claim that almost every person lies about the number of sexual experiences they had in the past. The lie depends on the gender of the patient. Women usually decrease the number of partners they had, while men very often increase the number of their sexual partners. The reason behind this lies has some logic, because there are many prejudices and conclusions that people base on the number of sexual partners one individual had in the past. However, the truth is that the number of partners doesn’t tell a lot about someone’s skill in the bed and the quality of our better sex life. A vast majority of sex experts believe that the best sex is those practiced between two long-term partners. So, what exactly are the benefits of having sex with the same partner?

Couples (especially couples who live together) have more sex compared to those who are not in a relationship and in this way they gain a lot of experience. However, there is a possibility that regular sex between same partners can become boring and monotonous, because sexual excitement can fade away over time. But if both partners are ready to talk and implement some new things in their bed from time to time, their sex will be even better. The sex life of those who are not in a serious relationship can vary – from being good to being really bad. The fact is that in some cases these people can find themselves without sex for more than few months.

Long term relationships that are based on pure trust and honest communication can help people understand the true meaning of sex. Partners in relationships like these can openly speak about what they like or dislike in a sexual intercourse and through these conversations they can sync their needs and have almost perfect sex. This will train you to become a sexual machine, enhance the libido and lasting longer in bed. You can get the most from your intimate moments when you share your bed with someone you know well. On the other hand, partners that don’t know each other well are often very shy and introverted and they cannot share their views on sex. They also cannot be completely honest about their sexual preferences.

Sexual transmitted diseases are on the rise. We don’t have to specially point out that partners that know each other well and partners who know each other’s sexual past don’t have to worry much about sexual transmitted diseases. When they reach certain stage in their relationship they don’t even need to use contraceptives.

Many people think that having sex with different partners means diversity in sexual experience. But as we have mentioned before partners in serious relationships can openly speak about their sexual fantasies and they can start experimenting much easier.