Friday, February 21, 2014

Secrets for long term relationship

So many couples break up quickly, so many relations, which could lead to long term relationship or even marriage, have been broken. Why is that? It is hard to answer to this question. This is so complicated problem and it will be always complicated. Sometimes it is guy's fault, sometimes it is woman's fault. But, in the end, both of them made some crucial mistakes that lead to their separation.

            One of the reasons could be fooling around. Partners are not serious and committed to their relationship. They just want a little fun and then they move to other "victim", leaving the person in tears and crushed. How many partners cheat these days, those numbers are huge and it is like an epidemic. I asked my friend once why did she cheated some of her boyfriends and she said that it became boring to her and she wanted something new and exciting. I said to her: "You are an idiot, you know that? If you want something new and exciting, then go jump from the plane, do the skydiving, swim with dolphins, but do not cheat your partner. It is just sick." And she always complain how guys do not understand her, well how can they understand you when you are cheating on them. Same thing is with guys, they act exactly the same, or maybe even worse.

            Controlling the emotions has become a huge problem these days, because people express their feelings in the bad way. How many times husband comes nervous from work and then yells on the wife and kids. How many times women is yelling on her husband and kids for no reason. Do not do those things; learn how to control your emotions. Or otherwise you are just repelling people away from yourself.

            Lack of communication is something we all faced at least once. How many times you are with someone and you do not have what to talk about. The solution is simple, to not be in a relationship with someone who is not similar person like you. Then you will not move any further. Find a partner that has similar interest like you. If you like poetry than find someone who likes poetry also, if you like sports then finds someone who likes sports. Your soul mate is somewhere out there, just looking for him or her. It is a lie when people say it is impossible to find out your soul mate. Those people are just too lazy to start searching.

            Those are some simple solutions for you if you want long and healthy relationship. Having someone who can be there for you, who understands you and completes you is priceless. No one wants to spend his life alone and with no one by his side. Start improving yourself and kick out those bad habits of yours. Find someone who is similar to you and you will be in great relationship for the very long time. Otherwise you will soon be alone again.