Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yoga for Clitoris

What comes into your mind when talk about yoga? The tight pants the girls are wearing? The best thing is they are wearing those pants to jog or walk around the gym. I just love the outfit they wear. Other than this? I know they are a lot of new version of yoga, too many to mention but some are for couple. These type of yoga are to strengthen their relationship by using yoga and sex, Tantric sex is one of them. Yoga sex is favourite idea for porn as well, you can find a lot of yoga sex fantasy in porn. Men just have too much fantasies with different yoga pose, and they are breathtaking.

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The yoga that we are talking about here is yoga for clitoris, I have no idea how it is, but I bet you can find tons of information online when google Orgasmic Meditation. It takes 15 minutes, and it's totally finger and vagina only. This will feel like very long foreplay for guys, and the article here mention the same thing while the writer request his husband to do so. It's a good thing for both partner, guys can you imagine that you are able to give her the orgasm again and again even without penetrate her with your penis? What will happen when you penetrate her after that, she can't stop asking for more.

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Orgasmic Meditation is focus with the contact point, I don't have a clue as well, have to google it later on. If any party is distracted, they will need to focus back their attention. It's totally not easy as human being now is just not able to stay focus, how long can you sit down without doing anything? And this even harder as it requires you to focus in just stroking her clitoris, no wonder they call it meditation. Well, don't stop here, google it and try it with your partner.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

People are having a more stressful life now compare to old times, after work life is not much left for us. How much it takes you from home to office and office to home? Now seems like finding a job near to your home is a brilliant idea when people always says telling you that find a good job with future not a job near to your home. Of course a decent job that is near to your house is much better right? As we go to work 5 days per week, it's good to plan ahead. After deduct your travel time, and if you have a kid or two, you won't have much energy left at night to have a good sex with your wife. A report shows that 43% of women and 31% of men are sexual dysfunction. Here are some tips for natural libido booster for you.

Gaze at the photo of your partner, a research shows that when you gaze at your partner more than 30 seconds, your brain will start to produce dopamine, a kind of natural libido booster. The second tips is about fitness, as we have always share here, stay fit. Not only because of better look, but fat can slow down the production of testosterone, the fat from waist is the fat that absorb testosterone most efficiently, so watch your waist line. 

Watch your food intake. Fitness is about 30% exercise and 70% food intake, you may surprise that the food is so important compare to exercise. Watch the food you eat and you can reduce your weight without any workout, but the workout will make you look better naked and exercise may increase blood flow to your sex organ. Foods like tomatoes, broccoli, Tongkat Ali, pomegranate juice is a natural sexual enhancement that helps you lasting longer in bed. Research also shows that red wine can help increase blood flow, it's going to help you on the bed as well. 

To find out more about the natural way to boost testosterone level and your libido, continue to read here in Huffington Post.

Congratulation if you are here to read about it, sure you are finding a way to improve your sex life. Don't avoid it or ignore it, sex life is a very good lubricant for life, face it and you can enjoy your life a lot.