Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hygiene for the male genitals

We all know the importance of hygiene when it comes to staving off disease. And not only of that but also of looking and feeling great. There’s nothing worse than the smell that comes from the person that hasn’t washed properly in weeks. And luckily, in modern times most people have access to hot water and soap. A shower practice on a daily basis is enough for all your basic hygienic needs.
But if there is one area of the male body where you need to place additional attention to when it comes to hygiene – it’s the genitals. The area of the male genitals is a very sensitive part of the human body – and as such, it demands very high attention to hygiene. What are the best way to take care of the hygiene of the male genitals?

Wash yourself every day
The classical approach is a must do here – if you’re after perfect hygiene then you will have to wash your privates every day. Use warm (not hot) water, and lots of soap in order to clean off the penis, scrotum, and anus. Of course, it’s okay if you miss out on a day and you fail to wash this area off properly because of the fact that you didn’t have enough time, or for some other reason. But don’t make this a practice. If you wash your genitals with warm water and soap, you will make a huge step forward in the direction of perfect genital hygiene.

Shake off the excess of urine after urinating
All men know that every time they go and urinate, after the flow of the stream has ended – there still is some urine that’s left in the urinary canal in your penis. What you want to do here is to shake your penis off for the remains of this urine, as it’s a really unsanitary practice for you to keep your penis full of remaining urine. Also, make sure to wipe your penis off with a dry napkin so that it won’t have any visible traces of remaining urine on the surface.

Wipe the anus clean after a bowel movement
The anus can get incredibly dirty after a bowel movement. You’ll want to pay extra attention to cleaning your anus out after a bowel movement. Most people only use bathroom tissue in order to do this, but this is not all it takes. The best thing to do here is to involve soap and water – but for the sake of practicality, you may skimp of the soap and use only water and tissues. In this way, you will keep the sensitive area of the anus clean.

The male genitals are an area that is very sensitive – and to make things worse it’s also an area that can get incredibly dirty, incredibly easy. Which is why you will want to invest a lot of time on a daily basis in keeping this vital area clean. Follow the advice from above and you will succeed in your intention.