Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sex tips for orgasm

Sex is not a complex thing, but there are many ways you can improve it. There is not one ultimate tip that works magically on all partners, but these tips will work well with anyone. Firstly is pace, a jackhammer is not needed, slow and steady can get your lady there just as well, if not better. The angle of penetration is also important, try leaning back a bit while thrusting, this will place more pressure towards the g-spot making it much more pleasurable for your partner. While everyone is different, it is not difficult to find positions you will both enjoy, experiment until you find one (or five) you both enjoy.

Learn to laugh. Farts happen, hair gets pulled things happen while naked that are just plain funny. Learn to laugh with your partner and sex will be more enjoyable for both of you. Condoms, protect yourself and her, don’t wait for her to tell her you need one. Choose condoms that are ribbed, or otherwise enhanced for sexual pleasure and keep them handy. Explore each others bodies. Boobs and vagina are not the only spots on a body that feel good. Explore other erogenous zone such as the earlobes, neck, shoulders and inner thighs, these spots can help a woman over the edge at that crucial moment.

Talk to your partner, this is the best way to ensure you both get what you want. From positions through other experimentations the only way to have it happen is to ask. Things you enjoy can happen more if your partner knows you enjoy it. Ditch the blankets, only in the movies do they have sex under blankets. In real life it is impractical and hot in all they wrong ways. Shuck the blanket and enjoy the open air.

Put those pillows to use. They can help you hold positions lasting longer in bed as well as assist you in reaching the perfect angle of penetration. Not every woman enjoys being on the receiving end of oral. If your lady tells you this, you guys can try it anyway, but don’t be surprised if she simply isn’t turned on by it, move on to other positions don’t force the issue, If you have her on the edge, don’t change what you are doing. If she is about to cum things like thrusting harder or softer can send her intense orgasm away, leaving you both disappointed.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Tips for better sex life

No matter what sexy situation you find yourself in it can always be improved for better sex life. From the friend you have liked for years offering a friends with benefits deal, trying a position you fantasies about, or just an evening with your long time interest there are ways to improve the experience.

No two people, relationships or situations are the same. Nevertheless, all human bodies and minds are similar enough that relationship advice can apply to you.

Multiple surveys have shown that men want their partner to orgasm, but men do not know where the g-spot is, and many questions its existence entirely. The good news is, it does exist, and the better news is you can find it!

Aside from the g-spot, there are a host of other little tips and tricks to improve your sexual life, and hers. While most things will seem insignificant, when combined together they can create an intense orgasm you and her will never forget.

Forget about the typical advice you have heard our tips are frank and practical. Read on for a sexual education the likes of which would make an educational establishment blush. With minimal to no prep you can put these tips and tricks in to use in the next ten minutes or ten years.

Start At The Beginning

Timing is everything. While the movies may tell you morning sex is great, but if you are getting frisky while she is getting ready for work, the result can be catastrophic, leaving you with your hand for an extended period. To avoid this problem wait until after a romantic movie, nightly cuddle or if you want morning sex wait until a day when there is nothing planned that way there is no need to rush and you can enjoy your time together.

Enjoy A Shower

Shower sex is a classic fantasy. However, anyone who has attempted it can tell you it is not as fun as it looks. The angles are awkward and the water makes things very slippery. In addition to the water making things slippery, it can make your ladies vagina dry as it rinses away any natural lubrication.

There is a way to enjoy shower sex though. First is to perfect a comfortable standing up position on dry land. Once you do this, try it in the shower. If it works, great, if not there is still hope. Take time in the shower to wash each other. Do not be in a hurry to get clean, appreciate and familiarize yourself with your partners’ body, it boost testosterone level and sexual desire. If shower sex did not work for you, shower masturbation is a close second.