Saturday, October 29, 2016

How to improve sexual health and harder erection of your penis?

Every man wants to have harder erection penis. This is quite natural because both men and women want their body to look beautiful and the intimate areas are not an exception. When it comes to many men, the size is the most important factor in determining the attractiveness of a penis. They believe that women care only about size, but that’s not true. According to a recent study which included more than 100 women of different ages, there are many things that make a penis attractive and size is only one of them.

Now that you know that you can impress any woman with your penis regardless of the size of your manhood, let’s see how you can improve the look and health of your penis during hard erection.

To start with, you should take care of the general appearance of your penis. This means that when a woman sees your penis, she should be impressed by the whole package. A penis that looks like its owner took good care of is always a natural sexual stimulation. In this way, women know that the man is taking proper care of their sexual health and they appreciate that. In other words, by taking good care of the whole genital area, you are creating suitable terms for good sexual intercourse.

Another thing that you should take into consideration is the look of the pubic hair. In case you have spent some time trimming this hair and you look well-organized and neat between your legs, women will find your penis more attractive. As a matter of fact, another scientific study has shown that 3 out of 4 women would like to see their men trim and take care of the pubic hair.

Furthermore, the look of the skin down there is important too. If you are worried about the smoothness of the skin on your penis, you should try some cream specially designed for this body part. Without any doubt, a man with supple and smooth skin will look great in the eyes of their partner. This will also make the sexual intercourse more comfortable and protect your overall health.
In case you have not noticed, every penis has a different shape of the tip. While it is true that we cannot change this part of the penis, it is also true that other parts of the intimate area can affect the overall appearance of the penis.

When you are taking care of the penis you should not avoid the area that surrounds this organ. This is especially true for the scrotum. If this area is taken care of, you should have soft skin and neat appearance which will make your partner very happy.

In the end, we should not forget that our health, in general, affects the look and health of our penis too. So, try to get involved in physical activity on a regular basis and make sure that you are eating healthy food, it is going to enhance the libido. Don’t hesitate to use products designed for the penis like lotions, pills and creams.