Saturday, June 15, 2013

Run with your partner can have more sex?

No, this is not from me, this is from Brooks Running survey. The partners who run together tend to have more sex. What I know is that partners who run more often can have better sex because they have better body shape and more stamina. There are no doubt that a pretty sexy body always draw attention and the sexy body already turn you on in no time. This is a report from Brooks, well I'm not sure it's a bias report but why not you just take it without second thought and there are a million advantages for going out for a run rather than be a couch potato. Imagine that you can wear the sexy outfit of yours when you can finally fit into the sexy jeans of yours, get yourself some nice outfit for the running as well, it will make you feel better during the run.

The second part of the articles claim that those with better stamina, who runs longer distance have better sex on the bed, for me this is no brainer thing that you don't need to do any research to know about it. You don't have anyone to accompany you to run at the moment? Don't worry, get a mp3 to accompany on the road, load the songs you like and it will motivate you through the run. Get a good looking body and there will be bigger chance for you to tackle or attract the opposite sex. Or you may even attract a gay or lesbian on the road.

If you are not use to running, you have no idea how to start your running session, just read the article that I attached here. Start with a run walk programme, it's more easy for you to kick start. Don't push to much pressure on yourself and be prepare to enjoy the run. A word of advise, outdoor is always better than indoor if you can make it to outdoor. You will feel boring easily if run on the treadmill for half an hour, running outdoor makes you feel much better and really a stress relief session that is free of charge. Get your butt off the couch and go for a run, exercise is always good for sex. Better sexual health boost testosterone level and sexual desire thus give you harder erection, stronger erection,