Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Sexual Health Tips for Real People

There is no shortage of sources online that will tell you exactly what you need to do to spice up your sex life, or have better sex. The problem is, many of them don’t take into account that for real people, solutions aren’t always so simple. There can be general health concerns, as well as specific sexual health issues- not to mention, just trying to keep things interesting.

Here are a few things to consider when you need to shake things up in the bedroom; and really who hasn’t needed to?

1.       Don’t Get in a Rush
This seems like the simplest idea in the world, but so many men (and women) ignore it. Foreplay is integral to a healthy sex life. First off, it reconnects you with your partner. Nothing says passion like really getting familiar with your partners’ body again. For men who suffer from premature ejaculation or women who have trouble achieving orgasm; taking some extra time with foreplay can be the answer. Foreplay allows for a woman to fully “charge up” and get her close to climax; for men, it allows for sexual contact and intimacy without as much danger of arriving early.

The closer you get her early, the less time you have to last later.

2.      Go for the Extras
As humans, we have certain flaws; like, being human. Every one of us has is a little different, especially sexually. Some are more sensitive, and prone to premature ejaculation; others with erectile dysfunction or less sensitivity, have trouble achieving and maintaining a stronger erection to completion.

Whichever end of the spectrum you fall into; there are products out there that can help. Many topical ointments can add or reduce sensitivity as needed, helping many men immediately and without side effects. Of course, in some cases, stronger methods may be called for; such as natural male enhancement supplement. It is not shameful, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed looking for help. Isn’t it worth better sex to look at every possible solution?

3.      The True Sexual Organ
Don’t underestimate the importance of your brain. When it comes to sex, many times it is our own minds that can make the difference between bad sex and great sex- or any sex at all. There are physical causes of male impotence, to be sure, but studies have shown that many of the causes of impotence and dysfunction can be mental. Take the time to talk with a therapist, or your partner (if you are comfortable doing so) and see if some of the sources of your problems could be mental blocks.

More than that, other environmental issues can be at play- still affecting your mental state. Too much stress can also play havoc with your sexual health. So consider your mental state, and if you are taking care of the real problems; sexual enhancement can be as easy as looking inward.

There is nothing wrong with a lot of the advice you will get about sex; role play, bedroom games and special outfits for the occasion- those are all great things, and highly recommended. However, consider if your needs go beyond a new take on date night; taking a look at your sexual health could make the difference between a great sex life or none at all.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Tips to Improve Sexual Health

It’s been said that sexual health is a man’s window to understand their overall well-being and health. In fact, most sexual dysfunctions aren’t just related to many major illnesses like diabetes, obesity high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also be indicators of future health problems. The good news is that most men can improve their performance without using medical interventions. 

Tip 1
While the bulbocavernosus isn’t the muscle you can work in a gym, it will be worthwhile to train it particularly for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation. While this is a great way to suppress arousal, however, it will not bring a person from five minutes to twenty minutes. But it is certain to progress up to seven minutes.
It also sounds dubious but doing Kegel exercises can help in the performance department. You will be able to have better control when ejaculating and strengthen erections.

Tip 2
Exercising is also important tip since it doesn’t just make your muscles and heart stronger, but it also improve blood flow. And with a good blood flow is crucial in achieving a stronger harder erection. A 30 to 60 minute exercise once a day five times a week is good start. You can do anything as long as it makes you blood flowing. It can be weightlifting, skating, swimming, jogging or even walking.

Tip 3
It is a fact that cutting back on fat can do wonders to your body. Not only will it keep you healthy, it also help treat erectile dysfunction. Some might not know that the more fat a person consume means more fat in the blood stream and result in a softer penis. Cutting back on alcohol and quitting smoking also affects performance an overall health. Therefore, it would be best cut back on these unhealthy practices not just for your performance but also for your health.

Tip 4
You have probably heard the saying if you think about something long enough, it will eventually become a reality. Being a big believer of the power of the mind also works wonders during intercourse. To make this work, you simply need to imagine yourself performing well and focus on it. Imagine yourself getting a hard erection and performing with it from start to finish. The mind is a very powerful tool and by getting into the habit of visualizing yourself regularly, it will become reality.

Tip 5
In addition to proper diet and losing weight, some doctors believe that a supplement that improves the vascular system and also boost’s a person sexual health. In fact, anything good for the vascular system is also good for a person is sexual function because the male organ is a vascular organ. Taking in supplements like L-argentine, tongkat ali, ginseng and nutrients like selenium and zinc benefits prostrate health and sexual functions.

But of course, in the quest to have better sex life, it will always take two to tango. Improving a person’s relationship with their partner is still essential for great sex and intimacy and you must not take it for granted. Because by paying special attention to your partner will not only make sex more pleasurable but can also make you slow down or turned on.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Herbal products that boost Sexual Performance

1.            Are the herbal products really of any help?

 Have you seen the advertisement of the products which claims to have a positive effect on curing and enhancing your sexual desire and capability? Well, after a thorough research it was seen that some of this products do have effectiveness in curing the problem of sexual dysfunction in man.

There are three main herbs which when consumed together are capable of curing this problem. The three important herbs are Passion flower, Tongkat Ali and Maca. These three herbs have those elements which help in enhancing the sexual desire in a man. Among the three herbs the most effective one is that of the Tongkat Ali, however, the other two are also very effective.

Now, you may ask that how are they effective. Well, the main hormone which is responsible for the sexual arousal in a man is the testosterone. This hormone is secreted from the testes of a man. When the secretion, due to various reasons, slows down then the arousal problems start. These herbs mainly work in enhancing the secretion of this hormone and thus helping a man to get his sexual arousal.

These are herbal products and hence they do not induce any kind of chemical in your body to boost testosterone level. Instead they help your body to produce it in a natural way. This successfully eliminates the risk of side effects. However, these products are only effective when they are taken in a measured quantity. Unmonitored and unrestricted consumption may lead to serious troubles.

2.            Note on the impotency of men

Are you feeling lonely and down that you are unable to satisfy your sexual partner? Then it is time for you to shed that tension and step up to do something new. There are actually ways by which you can get rid of your sexual problems. Now, you are thinking that the article is about various chemical products helping you to do so. Well, then you are absolutely wrong. Here are insights on some natural remedies which can help you in getting rid of your sexual problems.

These remedies are natural and thus when you exercise them then you do not face any problem of side effects associated with them. These elements are prepared after much research and this they never fail in lasting longer in bed.

Now, there are a number of reasons which can cause impotence in men. You must be trying to find out those reasons. Well, lets take a look. One of the major causes is that of obesity. Also, genetically problems can cause it. The neurological damage can cause it. Also, the problem of diabetics is another leading cause. The surgery of prostrate can be one of the causes of impotency in men. Often it has been observed that following stoke the problem of impotency often occurs.

The hormonal imbalance is yet another reason of it, along with prolonged sexual inactivity. Beside all these the use of alcohol and drugs can also be a leading cause of importance in men. So, you need to have a healthy lifestyle to get a harder erection and execute it in a proper manner.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Workout for better sex

Guess you know that sex is a form of cardio that help you to burn fat, what kind of cardio is better than having sex? Many of you sure don't enjoy running or cycling on machines , but how many of you don't enjoy sex? If the sex you are having is not giving you orgasm then you will need to research online and learn to have better sex. There are a lot of benefits that sex can bring, as you know sex can make you happier. When you have a good mood, the problems you have in life can settle easily, and these problems may look insignificant when you have a good life.

What's more you need to know about having a great sexual relationship with your partner? It's a cheap entertainment, it helps you have maintain a good relationship. Definitely a good relationship can give you a clear mind to work, less stress from your partner definitely give you lots of joy. Sex helps you to have have a healthy body and mindset as well. There are endless benefits that we can share with you, but you don't need us to tell you about it.

We share a lot of benefits with a healthy body, there are a lot of workout can help you to have better sex and better life. These few workouts in Bodybuilding can help you to train the muscle and give you the energy you need for better sex. Since sex is so important in your life why don't you put some effort to make it better and you will enjoy sex more. There are so many muscles involve during sex, and most of your body muscles are involved. Read the workouts in the article, these workouts help you to build up muscle mostly lower part. Don't stop here, the more you train, the better your body. It helps you to maintain a hard erection and lasting longer in bed.

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yoga for Clitoris

What comes into your mind when talk about yoga? The tight pants the girls are wearing? The best thing is they are wearing those pants to jog or walk around the gym. I just love the outfit they wear. Other than this? I know they are a lot of new version of yoga, too many to mention but some are for couple. These type of yoga are to strengthen their relationship by using yoga and sex, Tantric sex is one of them. Yoga sex is favourite idea for porn as well, you can find a lot of yoga sex fantasy in porn. Men just have too much fantasies with different yoga pose, and they are breathtaking.

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The yoga that we are talking about here is yoga for clitoris, I have no idea how it is, but I bet you can find tons of information online when google Orgasmic Meditation. It takes 15 minutes, and it's totally finger and vagina only. This will feel like very long foreplay for guys, and the article here mention the same thing while the writer request his husband to do so. It's a good thing for both partner, guys can you imagine that you are able to give her the orgasm again and again even without penetrate her with your penis? What will happen when you penetrate her after that, she can't stop asking for more.

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Orgasmic Meditation is focus with the contact point, I don't have a clue as well, have to google it later on. If any party is distracted, they will need to focus back their attention. It's totally not easy as human being now is just not able to stay focus, how long can you sit down without doing anything? And this even harder as it requires you to focus in just stroking her clitoris, no wonder they call it meditation. Well, don't stop here, google it and try it with your partner.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Natural Male Enhancement Supplement

People are having a more stressful life now compare to old times, after work life is not much left for us. How much it takes you from home to office and office to home? Now seems like finding a job near to your home is a brilliant idea when people always says telling you that find a good job with future not a job near to your home. Of course a decent job that is near to your house is much better right? As we go to work 5 days per week, it's good to plan ahead. After deduct your travel time, and if you have a kid or two, you won't have much energy left at night to have a good sex with your wife. A report shows that 43% of women and 31% of men are sexual dysfunction. Here are some tips for natural libido booster for you.

Gaze at the photo of your partner, a research shows that when you gaze at your partner more than 30 seconds, your brain will start to produce dopamine, a kind of natural libido booster. The second tips is about fitness, as we have always share here, stay fit. Not only because of better look, but fat can slow down the production of testosterone, the fat from waist is the fat that absorb testosterone most efficiently, so watch your waist line. 

Watch your food intake. Fitness is about 30% exercise and 70% food intake, you may surprise that the food is so important compare to exercise. Watch the food you eat and you can reduce your weight without any workout, but the workout will make you look better naked and exercise may increase blood flow to your sex organ. Foods like tomatoes, broccoli, Tongkat Ali, pomegranate juice is a natural sexual enhancement that helps you lasting longer in bed. Research also shows that red wine can help increase blood flow, it's going to help you on the bed as well. 

To find out more about the natural way to boost testosterone level and your libido, continue to read here in Huffington Post.

Congratulation if you are here to read about it, sure you are finding a way to improve your sex life. Don't avoid it or ignore it, sex life is a very good lubricant for life, face it and you can enjoy your life a lot.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Sex Life Happiness depends on what you Think what others is doing

What we think about sex life happiness may differ from what we know. Normally we focus on what we can do and learn more about it to improve our own sex life, and some research shows that it is not only depend on what you do, but what you think everyone else is doing as well. Actually research do shows that when people have more sex, their life is much happier. The research shows that people who have sex 3 to 4 times a month, 33% of them were more happier than those who don't have sex at all. And those who have sex once per week were 44% more happier, those who have sex few times per week is 55% more happier than those who don't have sex at all.

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I'm not a scientist or researcher, but I believe 1 thing that is the more sex you have, of course willingly, you have more orgasm. If you have sex everyday, you are more likely to have orgasm every time. It's like having some activities to cheer up your day everyday, of course you can feel more happy. This is not rocket science. And sex life is a very big part of our life, if you feel happy about it, it can be a very satisfying life for you and your partner. Don't underestimate the happiness that sex life can bring.

Here comes the surprising result, for people who have sex 2 - 3 times per month but believe their peer having sex once per week, they were 14% less likely to have a higher level of happiness. The logic here is having sex more make us happier, but having sex more often than the people around us make us even happier. The research here remind us that we shouldn't compare ourselves with other. What you know about other's sex life may not be accurate at all. Mind your own business? Read more about this article at Huffington Post.

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Thursday, July 18, 2013

Better sex and better health

We have talk about better sex and better health for so many times that even I can't remember it. There are so many resources online that we can check, it's the universe of knowledge if you know how to use it, if you don't know how to use the knowledge online then it's a waste. Internet is not the place for porn and games only, it's powerful and you should know how to use it to gain the knowledge for your advantage. For example, health, there are so many website that contain the knowledge of better health, of course including sexual health and how to build up your body for stronger and leaner.

Do you know that eating habit is more important than exercise? If you are looking forward for better health then control your mouth following by exercise. If you only do your workout without controlling your food intake then the calories you take in may ultimately more than the calories you burn for 1 hour jogging. 1 hour jogging may burn about 600 calories, this is moderate running speed. A few scoop of ice cream may contain up to 600 calories already, not to mention the additional chocolate toppings and nuts. You may get all these information at and, the latter is more on body building but there are tons of information about weight loss information.

You may think that you are not able to take care of your food as you don't know how to cook, well like what we mention just now, search for it online. It's in youtube! You can learn how to cook online with youtube, by the way the work out and exercise information can get it on Youtube as well like how to jog professionally. It's amazing right? If you really don't have the time to cook then what you can do is check online on what to eat what not to eat. A no brainer way to decide is to avoid those franchise store as most of their food are processed food, these foods are harder for your body to digest, your body will keep it as fat when it's unable to digest the food. What to know more, google it 'processed food example'.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Run with your partner can have more sex?

No, this is not from me, this is from Brooks Running survey. The partners who run together tend to have more sex. What I know is that partners who run more often can have better sex because they have better body shape and more stamina. There are no doubt that a pretty sexy body always draw attention and the sexy body already turn you on in no time. This is a report from Brooks, well I'm not sure it's a bias report but why not you just take it without second thought and there are a million advantages for going out for a run rather than be a couch potato. Imagine that you can wear the sexy outfit of yours when you can finally fit into the sexy jeans of yours, get yourself some nice outfit for the running as well, it will make you feel better during the run.

The second part of the articles claim that those with better stamina, who runs longer distance have better sex on the bed, for me this is no brainer thing that you don't need to do any research to know about it. You don't have anyone to accompany you to run at the moment? Don't worry, get a mp3 to accompany on the road, load the songs you like and it will motivate you through the run. Get a good looking body and there will be bigger chance for you to tackle or attract the opposite sex. Or you may even attract a gay or lesbian on the road.

If you are not use to running, you have no idea how to start your running session, just read the article that I attached here. Start with a run walk programme, it's more easy for you to kick start. Don't push to much pressure on yourself and be prepare to enjoy the run. A word of advise, outdoor is always better than indoor if you can make it to outdoor. You will feel boring easily if run on the treadmill for half an hour, running outdoor makes you feel much better and really a stress relief session that is free of charge. Get your butt off the couch and go for a run, exercise is always good for sex. Better sexual health boost testosterone level and sexual desire thus give you harder erection, stronger erection,

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Activities that can get her in the mood for sex

Have you ever experience being reject for sex by your partner? It's not about inability to perform sex. It will happen even if you know how to stimulate or seduce her, but by learning more you can increase your chance to get her into the bed. There are some of the time that you think that she is ready for sex, even with your marvelous foreplay technique can't let her feel excited. These are some of the activities that can help you to stimulate her and make her feel like want to have sex. These activities is going to get her into the mood but not a guarantee that she will be turn on right away.

One of the best things I like to do is massage, massage gives you the chance of your hand running most part of her body and she may give you a massage after that. While you are giving massage to her, you may find those special spot that may turn her on without notice. I don't mean her breast or neck, her head, ear and back may be a good place to start. The power of pressure you put on her head is crucial, not too hard unless she requested so. Sometimes I would like to do this while watching a movie, if porn is too obvious then you may try some mainstream movie that is very seductive. Find some movies that you know that can turn on both of you. This also extend the whole love making process thus lasting longer in bed.

Talking about touching each other, yoga class and dancing is definitely activities you can't miss. There are yoga design for couples to increase intimacy, Tantric yoga. And guys I believe you fancy of different Kama sutra sex position and I believe you watch those porn that the girl is very flexible in different sexual position. Well this is a good chance for both of you to learn and make your body more flexible, I believe it can bring your sexual experience with your partner to the next level. Same with dancing, it will stimulate and boost testosterone level while dancing, and your hand maybe naughty a bit during the dance.

Take a vacation, this may spend some money but it's quite good for a different sexual experience as you let her know that she worth it and you want her to have a better sexual experience. Search for some boutique online, you may not need to find those 5 stars hotel, search online and see where other suggest for a good hotel or even motel or homestay. Don't forget to drop by a pub to have a liquor or two, you will have bigger chance to get her into the mood.

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Some weight lost tips

Have a chat with a friend this afternoon and found out that she do not have any idea how to lost weight even she wants to do it, apparently she didn't want it hard enough. I think the first thing is weight lost is how bad you want it, if you are happy with your life and then just continue with your life. If you are not happy with it you have to make some changes else your body is not going to change itself. I had intro some of the page in facebook that can motivate you everyday, if you are not strong enough, these are the websites that give you the strength to carry on what you are doing. When your mind is strong, no matter what kind of difficulties you face you will come up with a solution with it. You won't give yourself any excuses. Ask yourself one thing, how bad you want it?

Friend ask me how I did it, going to gym almost everyday, she told me that she had a goal last year to lost 10kgs. She didn't lost even a single kg, and drinking a soda while telling me this. I told her that I didn't set any goal, I just make sure I go to the gym when I'm free. For me, I don't really follow any plan, it works for people like me, I don't even know how many kgs I lost. It's not important for me, lost of weight can't tell how many fat you lost and gain how many kgs of muscle, why bother? Just do it.

The most important weight lost tips here, weight lost is 70% about diet and 30% of workout. No matter how much effort you put into workout, if you don't take care of what you eat you won't be able to lost weight. No fast food, no processing food, fats in fast food are saturated fat, it takes more time and effort to burn compare to normal fat. How you know it's processing food or not? Just a very general guide, those restaurant that have advertisement have a 90% chance that their food are processing food. No mayonnaise, no thousand island, these sauce are fat. If you use them in your salad, and the salad is your replacement meal for normal meal, sorry, this sauce is going to make you fat as well.

Do your cardio in the morning, it will not only to give you a fresh start in the morning but it help boost metabolism for the whole day and boost testosterone level as well. So your metabolism will help you to burn more fat for the whole day. Try not to do your cardio late at night, it will affect your sleeping quality at night, sleeping quality is important for weight lost as well.

Do you know that sex can burn fat as well? Oh, I think some of you start to smile, you can tell your girlfriend to have sex tonight so she can burn some of her fat. Well it's true, read an article that it burns about 200 calories for 30 minutes of love making, search online yourself. When you are making love, you will use up different part of your muscle, these muscle can help you to improve sexual health as well. Burn more fat, you look more handsome and it helps to get laid as well. We always like to tell you that weight lost is good for sex, harder erection and you gain the stamina to lasting longer in bed.

Friday, January 4, 2013

Look Sexy Now

Want to own a sexy body? It's not as hard as you think, but it isn't easy as well. Just keep on imagine the benefit of a sexy body, you know you want it. This is the motivation! You want to get laid, you want to have sex with a pretty girl tonight? Since a healthier body can help you to improve your sex life, why not?

There a lot of apps, website that can help you online. You don't even need to worry where to get a trainer or anything else. As we have share before knowledge is the most important thing you need to cut the fat. There are lots of site I can share with you right now.

Here are some of the pages that you can find in Facebook
Zuzana WarriorZ
Scott Herman
Lisa Marie host
Fitness motivation

These pages not only show you the workout accordingly but they also have the meal plan to show you what to eat, just follow and you can cut down your calories intake. The motivation part, it's good that you can see picture of a sexy body, and there are lots of motivation words from them in the facebook everyday. For me, I don't really need it as I'm going to the gym almost everyday, I let my body rest on Wednesday and Sunday.

There is an apps that you should get online Myfitnesspal, it will count your calorie intake and also you may insert your workout in the apps, it will show you how much you burn for different workout. Your body will burn a certain amount of calorie everyday, the simple way to count it is the weight you have now and x 30. Say, you are 60kgs, 60kgs x 30 = 1800 calories per day. If you want to lost 1 kg a month, all you need is to  do is just take 1500 calories of food everyday. And if you do some exercise like running for 30 minutes, it will burn around 200 calories. You will create a calorie deficit of 500 per day. 500 calories x 30days = 2kgs.

This is the simple way to count it, there are a lot of things that can affect you but you roughly know how to do it. A healthy body doesn't guarantee you get laid, but for sure that it can improve sexual health. Exercise helps you to maintain a hard erection, stronger erection then only you can satisfy your partner's sexual desire.