Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Sexual Disorders in Women

According to some studies every third woman at the age between 18 and 60 is suffering for some type of sexual disorder or has tom deal with low libido. The most common cause of these occurrences is the hormonal changes that take place during the menstrual cycle or after the woman enters the menopause period. But very often low sex drive occurs after childbirth when the woman experience painful sexual intercourse or suffer from depression.

During the menopause there are hormonal changes that naturally lead to sudden or gradual loss of sexual desire. The moisture in the vagina is lowered or completely lost which results in drier and less flexible vagina. This is why many women at that age complain about painful sexual intercourse which is the main reason why sexual life becomes so poor. But there is a simple solution for a problem like that and it comes in the form of hormonal and few other types of creams.

In the last decade, doctors advise women who are in the period of menopause to take hormonal therapies that include estrogen because these therapies have positive effects on the libido. But the most interesting part about female sex drive is that new mothers are the ones that lose interest in sex faster than any other group of women. Of course, the main reason is that they are too busy with the baby and they don’t have much time to exchange tenderness with their partner.

When a woman doesn’t have any physical problem, lack of sexual desire could be a result of some psychological obstacle. A special problem occurs in women that lose interest in sex after they had some medical interventions that involved their reproductive organs like hysterectomy or mastectomy for example.

Some women might relate these situations with loss of their youth, femininity and beauty because they lead to premature menopause. Some of the most common sexual disorders are sexual desire disorders and orgasm disorders. The loss of sexual desire doesn’t exclude sexual pleasure or arousal by default. But it certainly means that the sexual activities will be less frequent.

One of the sexual disorders that is interesting for the scientists is so-called psycho-sexual aversion to sexual pleasure and lack of libido that manifests in refusal of any type of sexual contact with the partner.

In many cases these women were victims of sexual abuse at some point in their life. On the other hand, there are situations when the woman has unexplainable desire for sex most of the time – nymphomania. It is important to understand that these disorders are not organic.
The causes of sexual disorders can be numerous – somatic diseases (for example, one third of people suffering from diabetes have sexual disorders), alcohol abuse, drug abuse, decreased activity of the thyroid gland, abnormal anatomy of the vagina as a result of surgery, infections, use of medications etc.

Besides these somatic factors, mistakes made in the process of education at home and at school can lead to problems too.     

Monday, October 20, 2014

Maintain a Hard Erection with Natural Herbal Sexual Enhancer

A good, healthy erection that also hardens is an important tool for any man who wishes to fully enjoy the pleasures brought about by sexual intercourse. There are instances in which you get an erection before you make love, but the moment you are about to the erection disappears.

The erection disappears due to the anxiety and pressure you experienced just before you began the love making session. To help you maintain a hard erection, we have come up with some natural tips that will help you enjoy intercourse without losing your erection.

What is ED?

ED also known as erectile dysfunction is the lack of getting and maintaining an erection that will be functional as you have sexual intercourse. Plenty of exercises, vitamins as well as a plethora of sex boosting pills not forgetting ED drugs (prescription) are recommended by medics for individuals suffering from ED.

For soft erection treatment this is exactly what you need: First and foremost, the most critical nutrient that deals with sexual health as a whole is Zinc. The Zinc nutrient is a natural herbal sexual enhancer, it's critical for various functions such as:

·        Boost testosterone level: testosterone is a hormone in males that is necessary for potency and sexual development.

·         It is important that you eat foods rich in Maxi2 Zinc Nutrients in your daily diet routine combine it with regular exercises and your sexual performance will be enhanced.

Let us look at some of the richest sources of Zinc…

·         Wheat Bran

·         Oysters

·         Pine Nuts

·         Shellfish

·         Wheat germ

·         Pecan Nuts

·         Brewer’s Yeast

ED Natural Vitamins

Vitamin C is a supplement that is recommended at 1000mg. This is a supplement that should be consumed 2-3 times every day. The purpose of the supplement is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and enhances blood flow to various organs in the body.

One of the many reasons that leads to Ed is poor or reduced blood flow to the penis. Vitamin C not only reduces cholesterol levels, corrects the ED problem that was caused by the slow and reduced circulation of blood.

Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant and a natural supplement which aids in the reversing of ED and it enhances sexual experiences. Using Vitamin E is a wonderful option.

Vitamin B is a critical supplement used for various functions such as; blood circulation, energy and protein metabolism, stamina, hormone functionality and healthy nerves. This is a vitamin that should be added in a daily diet plan after having consulted with a medic.

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Few Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Experience is really important when it comes to sex but if you have experience this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care about anything else. Even men who have huge sexual experience can make mistakes. They say that people learn from their own mistakes but in case you don’t want to disappoint your partner it is better to read about some of the most common mistakes men make in bed. Some of them are repeating these mistakes and this makes the situation even worse.

Men should understand that every sexual partner can bring new sexual experience. Female sexuality is really complicated and different in each woman. The body of each woman reacts differently on certain sexual stimulation. Even the anatomy is slightly different in every woman. This means that what one woman finds interesting in sex doesn’t mean that this thing applies to every woman. The simplest way to figure out whether she likes something or not is to read the body language. In this way men can easily find out whether she wants faster or slower sex, deeper penetration or simple external stimulation etc. Furthermore, there is a reason why there are so many different sex position – not every man or woman likes all the positions. Change several positions during sex.

What many men avoid is talking about sex. Even if they want to talk about sex they start the conversation in an inappropriate time or place. There is no need to visit a sexual therapist when you can discuss this with your own partner. Gently ask your partner whether she likes the position you are practicing at the moment or not. Ask simple and short questions and continue. Many women feel very relaxed during sex and this is the right time to ask her everything you want about sex. Of course, don’t turn this into a conversation so stick to short and important questions. Some couples love using profanities during sex but in order to find out whether she wants that start using some simple words that confirm your excitement and see how it goes.

Unlike men, most women need to be emotionally relaxed in order to have good sex. What does this mean? It means that they need to bond with the person they are having sex with. They also need to have a longer foreplay before the act begins. Foreplay is extremely important for women, they need time to warm up, their sex drive is not as sensitive as men. Foreplay can overall increase women satisfaction and help you lasting longer in bed.

Another thing that makes many women frustrated is the fact that men often consider sex as a task they need to complete. They are speeding up the whole process to the maximum in order to achieve orgasm. The best thing is to stop thinking about the orgasm because sex doesn’t mean orgasm. There are cases when none of the partners achieves orgasm but they both have great time. These are the situations when they have intensive exchange of intimacy. The excitement is what makes the sex so good. The orgasm lasts for several seconds and it is gone. So, focus on your partner and enjoy each other’s bodies.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your sex life because this is the key to successful relationship.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Safe Birth Control Methods, Pros and Cons

Hormonal methods are safer and more effective than barrier methods, it is obvious. Their failure rates are much lower.

Oral contraceptives have a low failure rate. They contain hormones: estrogen and progestin, which prevents ovaries from producing an egg and alter the lining of the womb as well as the cervical mucus to keep the sperm away from the egg. Aside from preventing an unwanted pregnancy, oral contraceptives have one more advantage: they minimize pain and discomfort during a period. The convulsions of the womb become less painful, the bleeding lighter, nausea is gone. There are women who take oral contraceptives when they have no sex partners, only to keep their period under control.
There exist combined pills that were meant for three months: for twelve weeks, the patient takes pills that contain hormones, and for one week, she takes pills that do not contain any hormones: this one week is meant for having her period. It means that these women have their period only once in every three months. Since most women experience negative feelings, pain, and intense discomfort during their period, this kind of oral contraception is very convenient for them.

Some gynecologists say that it is not a fortunate choice to extend the natural cycle of the menstruation to three months, because it may have a negative effect on the hormone system. When a woman has one period in three months, it is not easy to detect a possible pregnancy. Some doctors do not recommend oral contraception for women who are over 35 years, smoke, are prone to blood clotting, or have had breast, liver, or endometrial cancer. Antibiotics may interfere with the effects of oral contraception. Side effects can be the following: nausea, stomach pain, weight gain, mood changes, changes in sexual desire or bleeding between periods. Oral contraception increases the risk of high blood pressure, blood clots, heart attack and stroke.

Essure is a permanent birth control method that does not require a surgery. The gynecologist inserts a thin tube in the vagina and places a spring-like device into both fallopian tubes. Within three months, scar tissues grow around the device, blocking the fallopian tubes. In rare cases, this method has side-effects like abdominal pain or ectopic pregnancy.

Surgical sterilization closes the fallopian tubes, so the egg cannot reach the uterus and get fertilized. Their failure rate is extremely low, it is a very safe way of permanent birth control. Side effects may include abdominal pain, bleeding, and ectopic pregnancy.