Thursday, December 21, 2017

Achieving sexual confidence

Regardless if they like to admit it or not, a lot of people feel intimidated by the act of sex. And this is especially the case in the modern world when we are constantly bombarded with images of sexually powerful men and women through the media. So, it goes without saying that a lot of us tend to set really high standards for our sexual skills and prowess. There’s a discrepancy here, and frequently it happens for us to completely freeze when we’re about to have some sex. There’s also the issue of experiencing low male libido.

So, how do we reach sexual confidence? The easiest and most practical advice that we can give you on the subject is for you to have as much sex as possible. Sex is, after all, among other things, a skill. And all skills demand you to practice them if you wish to get good at them. So, give it your best to hone your craft and become a proficient lover, and with this new knowledge of yours, you will achieve greater levels of sexual confidence.

But what happens if you’re still a virgin, and you’re about to have your first sexual act? Many people feel really terrified of the prospect of underperforming in their first act of sex. Well, this is completely natural. If this is you, then the best thing that you can do is to just go for it, and try to clear your head as much as possible. Sex is one of the activities in life where if you overthink it – it may ruin your entire sexual experience.

Also, it helps to read up and get educated on the subject of sex. We live in the era of the internet after all, and we can find information on sex pretty easily. All we need to do is to do a quick Google search and we’ll find all of the information new need. There are a lot of articles and books written on the subject. There are also many interviews. And in the end, you can watch good old-fashioned porn for some ideas and tips as to how to improve your sexual performance. Be mindful of the fact though that in many cases porn is not what happens in reality – it’s performed by actors and the goal is to make it more watchable.

And in the end, all of the knowledge of sex and the practice of sex won’t make any difference if you don’t get things straight on your own. You need to allow yourself to be confident, and this is the most powerful piece of advice that we can give to you. If you find that you’re overthinking things and that you have a propensity towards panicking, then you can do some meditation to help calm yourself down. And remember, sex is not some frightening sex experiences. It’s one of the most pleasurable experiences that we can do in life – so make sure that you enjoy it with full confidence!

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Vaginal tightening for women’s sexual health

It was once considered taboo to talk about women’s sexuality. But recently there have been new developments that have shone a light on women’s sexuality as well. It’s no longer considered as something bad – after all, sex is a very important part of life for most people. It’s one of the biggest pleasures that we can have, and at the core of it, it offers a way for us to reproduce - one of the most important necessities of evolution.

So, if you’re a woman, what can you do when it comes to improve your sexual health? Well, in most cases you will need to do the same thing that men do – exercising and eating right, and handling all of the potential psychological barriers that you may experience for having a great sex life.

But what happens if you bear a child? This goes very hard on a woman’s vagina, and as a result, it tends to lose its elasticity. It gets loose and it’s no longer able to tighten up when required. This can have implications on your sex life as a woman, as you may realize that you no longer derive the same level of pleasure from having sex. This is never a good thing, as the nature of sex is that it should be one of the most pleasurable, natural activities that people can do. What do you do if you have problems with vaginal tightening as a woman, especially after childbirth?

Well, there are certain exercises known as the Kegels. These exercises are used by men and women alike in order to strengthen certain muscles in the area of the sexual organs. These muscles are used during sex, so if you can strengthen them, it means that you will be able to derive greater pleasure from the act of sex. In some cases, you may need some tools for this purpose, but it’s nothing out of the ordinary and they’re not that expensive. So, if you have problems with vaginal tightening, be sure to try doing some Kegel exercise every once in a while. This may improve the condition of your vaginal walls and you may even build the strength of your vagina to very high levels.

Another way in which you can improve the vaginal tightening is through the use of creams. There are certain creams that will help you out with this purpose, and they are widely available in pharmacies all around the world. Make sure that you research the subject properly before you make an investment – as not all creams are created equal. Some are better than some others, and typically the rule holds that the more you pay, the better the quality that you will get.

Vaginal tightening issues may have been pestering you for a long time now, but you should realize that this is not an insurmountable problem. With the help of our advice from above, you may reclaim your sexual desire as a woman, and you will once again be able to derive great sexual pleasure.

Saturday, November 18, 2017

Hygiene for the male genitals

We all know the importance of hygiene when it comes to staving off disease. And not only of that but also of looking and feeling great. There’s nothing worse than the smell that comes from the person that hasn’t washed properly in weeks. And luckily, in modern times most people have access to hot water and soap. A shower practice on a daily basis is enough for all your basic hygienic needs.
But if there is one area of the male body where you need to place additional attention to when it comes to hygiene – it’s the genitals. The area of the male genitals is a very sensitive part of the human body – and as such, it demands very high attention to hygiene. What are the best way to take care of the hygiene of the male genitals?

Wash yourself every day
The classical approach is a must do here – if you’re after perfect hygiene then you will have to wash your privates every day. Use warm (not hot) water, and lots of soap in order to clean off the penis, scrotum, and anus. Of course, it’s okay if you miss out on a day and you fail to wash this area off properly because of the fact that you didn’t have enough time, or for some other reason. But don’t make this a practice. If you wash your genitals with warm water and soap, you will make a huge step forward in the direction of perfect genital hygiene.

Shake off the excess of urine after urinating
All men know that every time they go and urinate, after the flow of the stream has ended – there still is some urine that’s left in the urinary canal in your penis. What you want to do here is to shake your penis off for the remains of this urine, as it’s a really unsanitary practice for you to keep your penis full of remaining urine. Also, make sure to wipe your penis off with a dry napkin so that it won’t have any visible traces of remaining urine on the surface.

Wipe the anus clean after a bowel movement
The anus can get incredibly dirty after a bowel movement. You’ll want to pay extra attention to cleaning your anus out after a bowel movement. Most people only use bathroom tissue in order to do this, but this is not all it takes. The best thing to do here is to involve soap and water – but for the sake of practicality, you may skimp of the soap and use only water and tissues. In this way, you will keep the sensitive area of the anus clean.

The male genitals are an area that is very sensitive – and to make things worse it’s also an area that can get incredibly dirty, incredibly easy. Which is why you will want to invest a lot of time on a daily basis in keeping this vital area clean. Follow the advice from above and you will succeed in your intention.

Friday, September 15, 2017

How to Keep Your Penis Healthy

Staying healthy is crucial for one's well-being but some parts of our body require more attention than others. When it comes to guys, then keeping your penis in shape is one of the priorities - for various reasons. Most of the guys will say that penis is their most important organ (and who would blame them?), but it is also one of the most sensitive parts of men's body. Every health issue you deal with will directly and strongly affect your penis too. If you are 50 years old and you have kept it safe and maintained, it will have the same sexual performance as it had when you were 30. Inspecting your penis regularly, practicing good hygiene and wearing the right kind of underwear are just some aspects of maintaining your family jewels. However, there are some other actions you can take to keep it in top shape.

Loose Alcohol and Tobacco
A glass of wine may increase your self-esteem and increase libido in men but anything above such a limit will affect your penis. Alcohol will lower your erection power and if you continue drinking too much, it might cause permanent impotence. Tobacco has similar effects because smoking causes clogging of your blood vessels. If your blood can't flow to your penis then it will not be able to reach erection. All surveys show that smokers are twice more likely to have erectile dysfunction which should make you quit this bad habit as soon as possible.

Stay Active
Sitting at home in front of TV or PC is not a good solution for any aspect of your health. On the other hand, exercising or even taking a regular walk every day will significantly improve your general fitness. Regular exercising will increase your blood flow which will unclog any stuffed vessels thus improving your erection. 

Eat More Fish - But Not All
Fish is generally rich in omega-3 fatty acids that are quite beneficial for your penis but also for your heart. However, some fish species also contain various toxins that may harm your sperm. For example, dioxins that are found in some species could lower your testosterone. Most of these harmful elements are found in big species or those that are farmed in fishponds. Therefore, it would be wise to avoid fish like farmed salmon, large bluefish, and striped bass. On the other hand, species such as wild salmon, sea bass, or skipjack tuna should be a part of your regular menu.

Minimize Stress and Try to Sleep Well
Stress is harmful to every part of your body and mind and it also has vast negative effects on your sexual health. A stressed organism starts to release higher levels of a hormone called adrenaline. The first effect of adrenaline is narrowing of your blood vessels which will reduce your erection. Sleeping makes your organism rejuvenated and fresh, plus it increases natural shields and defenses that are crucial for your general health condition. If you are exhausted, your penis will know it and it will not perform well. That is why you need to make sure you sleep like a baby.

Keep It Busy
The best way of preserving your penis in form is to exercise regularly. This means you should use it as often as you can, so it would not get rusty. Surveys really show that men who are sexually active have fewer problems with erectile dysfunction as they get older. Hence, be sure to find an appropriate partner that will keep you healthy and happy.

Monday, May 8, 2017

How to Achieve an Orgasm at the Same Time as Your Partner

How to reach an orgasm at the same time as your partner is a question I get asked a lot. Well, there is no hard and fast rule that you need to orgasm at the same time as your partner.

But, you cannot deny that the concept has been romanticized in movies, books and more. We have all watched hunky actors in regular movies and even in porn films grunting, groaning and moaning at the same time his woman scratches his back in wanton abandon, as she scales the heights of sexual pleasureNow, can you honestly tell me that you have never wanted to do that to your partner?

There's no shame if you have -- after all, the sex drives is the strongest drive we have, even stronger than the drive for self-preservation if you look how recklessly men and women behave in their need to scratch the sexual itch.

The problem with simultaneous orgasms
It's a well known fact women need a lot more persuasion to reach the big O than men, who really just have to do a bit of pushing and pulling (OK, I am talking from a woman's perspective here... but ask any man and he'll tell you I'm right. In fact, the elusive "O" is known to give a serious bout of anxiety to most men as they fret over their partner faking it).

So, between a hard erection that has turned your brain to mush and the woman who lies needily below you, how do you attain this seemingly unachievable state?

The answer lies in the physiology of orgasms
It's really simple; you will need to prepare your woman better. This is where those foreplay 101 classes will come to your rescue. You need to get your lady all soppy wet and crazy with sexual desire before you enter her. As a matter of fact, the right time for actual penetration is when she is just about ready to beg you for it.

Give those fingers and tongue a workout
Till then, explore her body with your tongue, licking and biting every one of her erogenous zones.
Don't leave out the neck, the breast, and the nipples while slowly creating a wet trail to her navel. Linger here for a while because you want the anticipation to build. You don't want her to cum... but to keep her on the brink of unattained gratification. Tease her clitoris and labia by blowing on it before you touch them with your mouth.

Lick every part of her down there before you suck on her clitoris. It would be a good time to get some finger action going. Just use one or two fingers, remember you don't want her to cum yet.
Stop every few minutes to observe her reactions, her face, expressions and how tightly she is clutching on to the bed sheet or the pillow should tell you everything you need to know. Just when she starts to push your head down to her pussy, stop for about a minute and ask her if she wants more of it.

By the time you are at round three of the act, she will be yearning to feel your hard erection penis pumping into her. This would be a good time to take her hard but try to exercise control over your own urge to orgasm.

Let go only when you feel her muscles clenching around your penis; most women will inadvertently close their eyes at this point and even the most silent lover will inevitably moan.

And, that should be your cue to fill her up. If holding on to your ejaculation is an issue, try the Kegel exercise. Oh yeah, that one works for men too.

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

The Importance Of Introducing Yoga To Your Lifestyle

Never before have we lead a lifestyle so fast as we do nowadays. And such a lifestyle largely influences not only our physical but also mental health. That is why experts in the field of health advise us to start reducing stress in all the possible ways. One very efficient way of reducing stress is by practising yoga - a well-known and famous type of exercise, popular in every corner of the world. Yoga can improve sexual health by improve blood circulation, it does help to try out different sex position with better body flexibility. However, what do we know about yoga? Why is it so efficient? Does it help at all? These are just some of the questions we may posit, and this article is aimed at answering them all. Therefore, let us start.

Did You Know...? Yoga - All About
Yoga practice exists for more than 5000 years, and it started in ancient India. By time, it started gaining a huge popularity and today one can find yoga classes offered in almost every gym and sports centre.

The main segments of yoga practice are positions or postures. A posture includes series of movements that undoubtedly increase flexibility and strength of your body. Eminent doctors recommend yoga in the instances when a patient needs to boost physical and mental well being, and thus we can say that the health benefits of practising yoga are numerous.

Health Benefits Of Yoga Practice
Scientists, doctors and experts in the field of health have made numerous research on yoga. The results are more than positive since a large part of the research states that yoga is an effective as well as a safe way to increase physical activity, balance, and to improve mental strength.
Research has also shown that people with high blood pressure should take regular yoga classes because these classes are extremely beneficial. What is more, yoga is very helpful for people suffering from heart diseases, low back pain, depression and stress.

Professionals in the field of medicine and fitness have also agreed that practising yoga is a somewhat gentle way of promoting flexibility and strength, especially with people with arthritis. However, if you suffer from arthritis, you may well be careful since not every yoga move is suitable for you. That is why finding a good yoga teacher will help you practice yoga in the right way, but you still need to be sure to avoid any kinds of accidents and injuries.

Everyone Can Practice Yoga
Even when people realise how beneficial yoga can be, very soon they start asking questions like: „Can I practice yoga if I am not fit?“ or „Am I too old for practising yoga?“ The truth is: Everyone can practice yoga.

One is not required to have hours and hours of exercise behind his back to be able to complete yoga exercises. There are different levels of yoga classes, and all those who don't feel fit can join to some of the mixed ability yoga classes. In such classes, you only need to be able to get up from the floor and to sit down again. What is more, there are yoga exercises that are performed while sitting in a chair.

Furthermore, it is not a rare situation that seniors, people in their 70s, start with yoga exercises, and they always say they should have done it years ago. At the matter of fact, you can start with yoga classes regardless of your age. You can always find the yoga classes for your age group.

The Best Ways To Start Practising Yoga
If you have decided to start doing yoga exercises, the best way would be to either find a gym that offers yoga classes or to hire a professional yoga teacher. You can practice yoga this way only for a couple of months until you learn the positions and breathing exercises correctly. And then, it is perfectly alright if you buy yourself a DVD or just find some exercises on Youtube. However, the wrong way would be to start with DVD classes right from the beginning since there would be no one to correct your mistakes and teach you how to put your body in a specific position correctly. Hence, it may be a bit expensive in the beginning, but once you learn how to breathe properly while doing exercises, you will soon become a master of yoga practice. 

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Sex: the Viagra Way of sexuality

Since the dawn of civilization the culminating point of a love relationship between two lovers was described as making physical love, or in a raw language 'having sex.' Ancient and modern literature from most of the cultures has taken the concept of lovemaking to the level of ecstasy and art. Psychologists found out through analysis that sex plays most important role in a love relationship, within lovers as well as between husband and wife. State laws have allowed divorce on the basis of inability to perform sex in either of the married couple. Sexuality is an essential component of life, and the impact is undeniable, both mentally and physically. To both sexes, male and female, sexual prowess and sexual ability to have sex is associated with their inner ego. But what results when your ego is hurt at the bottom?
Erectile dysfunction is something that hits a man below the belt and leaves the man hopeless and extremely frustrated. The consequences of ED do not wait for my explanations; I know you can very well understand. May be some of you, who are reading my article, have actually gone through this phase of life, or presently going through. Until recently, erectile dysfunction was a hush-hush matter and men were ashamed of discussing their penile weakness even to their doctor. Avoiding sex night after night giving meaningless excuses, on the other hand, leads to making the wives doubtful of their husbands' fooling around. Men were leading life as if there were no solution to it; this conclusion was drawn after going through all the "operation impossible" s. I know it is a long story of pain and suffering. Hold it before you lose the last hope, there is a spark of light at the end of the tunnel...Viagra.

You have heard about it but never tried it, am I right? Are you expecting any kind of assurance from a trusted source that you will not be blind after taking Viagra pill? Let me tell you that it’s not Viagra that caused the blindness but it was the reaction and the outcome of taking Viagra without prescription and not abiding by the restrictions given on the label. Again, Sildenafil, the main ingredient of Viagra, not only gives you stronger erection per pill, it actually treats Priapism, a disease related to painful erection for more than 6 hours without stimulate sexual desire. At the same time, Viagra can slowly correct mechanism of the blood flow to the penis. If you were reluctant on the issue of discussing your ED with your wife, just go and see your physician and talk to him about your physical condition, ask him if you can take Viagra and get back to normal sexual life.

I do not consider the idea of living with ED as a good one. Since the introduction of Viagra, things have changed so fast that people are no longer referring to male erection problem as impotence, but a new term has popped up for it, 'erectile dysfunction' that is more scientific and less ego-hurting. Impotent is no longer a male characteristic or image, rather a name of a disease that is treatable. The impossible was made possible only by Viagra, the pioneer sex pill to cure my erectile dysfunction. Why not try it and enjoy even better sexual life?

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Common Sex Injuries in Women

Having a healthy sex life should be one of the top priorities to every individual. However, there are situations when things can go in unwanted directions during sexual intercourse and as a result of that people can experience injuries. Men should take proper penis care during, before and after sexual intercourses, but they should also take their partner’s health into consideration too. In this article we will display a few common sex injuries in women and how to stay safe from them.

Stuck condom
Have you lost a condom during sex? If the answer is yes and you can’t find it, then it’s definitely stuck inside your partner. It’s good to know that you may be able to remove the condom on your own and the best way to do this is to do it right after sex before the vagina returns to its natural state. However, there are situations when you will need medical assistance.

There are many different reasons that lead to a situation like this. For instance, some condoms have too much lubrication inside them. If you notice something like this, don’t add extra lube. In addition, you may be using a condom that doesn’t fit your penis even it's in hard erection(too big condom). Finally, this is a common occurrence in situations when women’s vaginas are too dry. The friction caused by a dry vagina can pull off the condom. So, try to spend more time on foreplay and make sure that your partner is wet down there.

Vaginal tearing is a very common injury in women caused by sexual activity. The vagina has a very soft and delicate skin, especially in the opening. That’s why it can easily tear and eventually start bleeding. The pain caused by this problem is felt for a couple of days. The most common cause of vaginal tearing is inadequate lubrication. In order to lower the chances of injuring your partner in this way, you should never slide your penis or some sex toys inside the vagina before you are sure that your partner is aroused and wet. You can also use a commercial product to achieve this effect. Don’t forget that long and rough sex can lead to vaginal tearing too.

Yeast infection
Yeast infection caused by sexual activity is not uncommon in modern women. This is especially true for women that have saliva in this area. In other words, the saliva on the penis after oral sex can lead to this infection. In order to prevent this problem, just wipe the penis after oral sex.

Muscle strain
Muscle strains can occur while having sex in literally any position. Of course, different sex positions lead to different types of muscle strains. Try a few positions and find the one that is most comfortable for you and your muscles. Of course, there are women who don’t want to give up on their favorite position even if it means that they will experience muscle strain.

Hopefully, these tips will help you prevent sex injuries.