Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Weight loss target

When you plan to start to loss weight, the first thing is not buying a pair of jogging shoes, jogging vest, portable mp3 and so on. The first thing you need to do is to learn about how to loss your weight. If you don't have the knowledge to loss weight then you will waste a lot of time running in circle and getting no where. Learn more about the knowledge, know actually how your body work only you will be able to loss the fat.

There are a lot of knowledge and information that you can get easily by just searching online. The weight loss process is a long term progress, you have to give yourself lots of motivation to finish it. You can have a very clear target, the ultimate target and also a lot of small target along the way. Like losing 1kg in a month is your short term target, have a small celebration to give yourself a break and go on to the second phase.

The most important part in every thing we do is to learn first before we even start to do it. Research online, learn first before you do can improve the success rate a lot. For example do you know that sprinting for 15 mins can burn more than jogging for half an hour? If you know this you won't waste those time on treadmill. I see a lot of people in my gym, they don't do anything other than running on the treadmill, if what you want is to jog then fine. If your target is to have a killer body then you won't get it by just running. Research or learn from a friend or even hire a trainer to save your time. Time is your most important resources.

Some of my friend told me that they have problem doing that as they can't motivate themselves to do it. What you can do here is engage in a class or boot camp is a good choice if you need someone to push you. The most important thing is that you can reach the target.