Friday, August 28, 2015

Spanish Fly- Is this Aphrodisiac Safe to Improve Sexual Performance

The use of aphrodisiacs, as substances that are used since ancient times in order to stimulate sexual desire in both genders, transcends all age, religious, racial and cultural boundaries. In other words, we all want excellent, great and even better sex life.

The word aphrodisiac comes from the Greek word aphrodisios which means “associated with Aphrodite” the ancient Greek goddess of love. There are literally hundreds of different beverages, foods and herbs that were used for this purpose and one of the most popular among them is the Spanish Fly.

Of all the aphrodisiacs that have been discovered over all these centuries, the Spanish Fly is the most famous, but what is even more important, the most dangerous remedy that supposedly enhances sexual desire and sexual arousal in women.

Spanish Fly remedy is prepared from an insect with green color called Lytta vesicatoria which creates and secretes a substance called cantharidin in its body. The remedy is prepared from dried insects, grinded to fine powder in which various additives are added later. All these ingredients are then incorporated in an aqueous or alcoholic base. The mixture is consumed orally in the form of drops or capsules. Cantharidin as an active ingredient is known as a powerful irritant (it can cause irritations on the skin and mucous membranes). If it reaches the skin is creates inflammatory bubbles almost instantly. So, the question is – would someone like to drink something like this?

The reason there is a belief that the Spanish Fly can improve sexual performance is the fact that this remedy after consumption leads to irritations of the entire system through which it passes – mouth, esophagus, intestines, kidneys and in the end – the urinary tract. This inflammatory response causes increased blood flow in the urogenital area which can be experienced as sexual arousal. In fact, this is not an excitement, but just a regular inflammatory irritation. This means that the Spanish Fly poisons the whole body.

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But, why do many people still show interest in this remedy? They want to maintain a hard erection and lasting longer in bed. Probably because it is very dangerous and it is therefore interesting. 

The Spanish Fly is dangerous for the entire body and we will mention only some of the most negative effects.

First of all, it affects the digestive system. Women start to experience burning sensation in the throat and esophagus right after the consumption. Soon after that, they will feel burning sensation in the stomach too. It is not unusual to feel thirst. In some cases, these problems can be so intense that women need urgent medical assistance.

Furthermore, the Spanish Fly also lead to various neurological side effects which can manifest differently in different people. Confusion, anxiety, psychosis are some of the most common problems associated to this so-called aphrodisiac.

As mentioned before, the Spanish Fly can cause inflammation of the urogenital tract. One of the mildest side effects related to this mixture is frequent urination. Women often have to go to the toilet every couple of minutes. There are also some more serious complications and inflammation of this system too.

So, if you are looking for an aphrodisiac, please skip the Spanish Fly and choose another, safer option.  

Thursday, August 13, 2015

Premature Ejaculation Sex Problems

Premature ejaculation is one of the most common sexual problems among modern men. There are several definitions of this occurrence, but it is most often described as an inability to lasting longer in bed to a point wanted and desired by both partners. It is good to point out that the definition of premature ejaculation is actually subjective. There are men who can ejaculate with little to no sexual stimulation, right after they penetrate into vagina (sometimes even before that) while others consider premature ejaculation an ejaculation that happens after 10 minutes of sex. What can be viewed as a real premature ejaculation is the state when a man doesn’t feel that he will ejaculate until he actually ejaculates which means that he cannot control and manage the excitement.

What leads to premature ejaculation?
It is probably good news that premature ejaculation is psychologically defined. Many men want to be dominant in the bed and their fear of being dominated by their partner or that they won’t be able to satisfy their partner lead to this occurrence. The additional fear that their failure will become public worsens the situation. Of course, premature ejaculation can be related to certain injuries and diseases like Parkinson ’s disease or spine injury.

What can men do to postpone ejaculation?
In case PE sufferers don’t treat their condition, the situation usually becomes chronic. They can treat premature ejaculation with different medicines and techniques. Now let’s highlight some of these techniques.

Squeezing technique
This technique requires the assistance of your partner. While you are both near the climax, your partner should firmly squeeze the head of the penis for about 15 seconds. This action will give you a stronger and harder erection as well. The thumb is placed on the lower side of the glans penis while the first and second finger should be placed on the top of the glans penis. The grip will stop the blood flow and reduce the erection. You can use this method up to three times in one sexual intercourse.

Masters and Johnson technique
The simplest way to avoid premature ejaculation is to identify and manage the senses that lead to ejaculation. This is exactly what you can expect from Masters and Johnson technique. It starts with simple masturbation exercises that will help you learn when you are reaching orgasm. You can expect the best results if you practice masturbation with your partner. You can also use oral sex too. The main goal is to get closer to the orgasm without reaching it.

Some other techniques
Condoms can significantly reduce your sensitivity during sex. Many men feel that their excitement is reduced when they have a condom on their penis. There are also some de-sensitizing creams that can help you reduce sexual desire. Finally, don’t forget to change sex positions. For example, one of the most popular positions – the missionary position – doesn’t provide good control over ejaculation. Try to lay down on the bed and leave your partner take control of the situation.