Monday, July 28, 2014

Why do Men cheat?

There are many reasons why men tend to cheat. IF we try to introspect into the root causes of why men or husbands cheat their partners and wives, we might also probably come up with good solutions.

1)      It’s in their Instinct for some men: Cheating is in the instinct of many men. The reasons may vary greatly. Some people just fall prey to the temptation of the movement and don’t even realize that they are already cheating. There is only a thin and a subtle line of difference between flirting and cheating. And that thin line can be broken easily if one is not careful.

2)      Spouse or girl friend is really annoying: This can irritate a husband or a boyfriend to a great extent. It might push a lot of already frustrated husbands to look for new life and fun in life. They might probably derive that from cheating.

3)      Sex life isn’t exciting anymore: Post marriage, spouses tend to lose their body figures, their attractive and sexy body shapes and even their interest in sex to a great extent. They may not have better sex life and will completely bring down the excitement from

4)      Some people get the chance and are pretty sure that they will get away with it: Some people know that they can get away with cheating and no one will catch them red handed and hence they always manage to muster up courage to cheat their partners ( wives and girlfriends )\

5)      If someone approached him: Imagine that a girl approaches a man for sex and fun. Will he reject her? Even if he is married? 99% of the men would fall prey to the instantaneous temptation and engage in sex with someone who is willing to offer it to them.

6)      They get used to and bored by wives and girlfriends and seek out for new “challenges”. It's the sexual desire within. The excitement can boost testosterone level and adrenaline.

7)      Because they have too many options: Men who are popular and handsome, good-looking, rich and coming from the affluent sections of the society can easily win a lot of attention from girls. 

8)      Secret lover is way sexier: having a secret lover is just so interesting and spicy! A man may lose his wife and yet cheat her because of the sex appeal of his secret sex partner. Also, the urge for sex in him might b so strong that it would override his love for his wife and make him a slave of his deep cravings for sex.

9)      There is no more love left: There are high chances that if a man is cheating on his girlfriend or wife, he doesn’t love his wife or girlfriend anymore. IT is as simple as that! Deficiency of love and a degradation of true affection and care among spouses and lovers are also a very big factor towards infidelity.

10)   Extreme criticism. Me n will get fed up with the constant again , blaming , criticism and chides from their wives or girlfriends. This might subconsciously force them to look outside the relationship for love and emotional support.  

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Safe Sex Education – Condom Effectiveness vs. Hormonal Birth Control

Birth control and safe sex education are volatile subjects. Unfortunately, safe sex education is still a taboo, with all the progressive movements and women’s rights around. However, we may very well assume that most people do not wait until they get married. Abstinence is not an option anymore, since these days the gist of young people educates themselves and get one or more degrees, they attend college or university well in their mid-twenties, they cannot even think of starting a family until their early thirties. A first occasion at the age of thirty would be more than awkward, it would most certainly lead to issues. So let’s put aside the idea that one will get married to the right person and they will stay faithful forever. It hardly ever – if ever – happens in real life. Safe sex education is more realistic.

It is natural that one does not want children. You do not have to explain yourself why. Listen to your heart. Instinct will tell you whether you want it or not, at least, not yet. You should always consult your gynecologist before you decide on contraception.

Do not trust condom effectiveness to avoid pregnancy. Hormonal contraception is safer than barrier methods. It is a fact. Hormonal methods have much lower failure rate. Some people believe in condom effectiveness, they think that condoms can protect them from unwanted pregnancy and STDs sexually transmitted diseases) alike. This is not the case. Even if a condom does not break, it is still less safe than pills. Those failure rates are higher for a reason. Due to improper storage, like exposure to heat, cold or light – how can you know whether condoms were stored properly before you bought them? –, a condom may have tiny imperfections that can lead to leaks. Fingernails or jewelry may damage a condom. You can wear away or tear a condom while you put it on or while you are having an intercourse. Semen can spill out at the top. Oil-based products like creams, lotions, moisturizers, lubricants can damage a condom. If you do not use lubricants inside the condom, a longer sexual intercourse may wear it off and it may break – if you do use lubricants, too much of them, the condom may slip off. Condoms can slip anyway, you will not even notice the tiny drops of semen that can get you in trouble. You do not want to play Russian roulette with your safety and health but a better sex life.

Condom Effectiveness and Safe Sex Education

Male condoms are 85% safe. Even if you use a condom perfectly, condom effectiveness is only 98% safe. Female condoms have even worse ratings. A condom may help prevent sexually transmitted diseases, but do not trust condom effectiveness when it comes to unwanted pregnancy. It would be best if you used a combined method. Get a condom to protect yourself from STDs and use a safer birth control method at the same time.

Safe Sex Education: Pros and Cons of Hormonal Birth Control

Hormonal contraceptives are safe. When used perfectly, pills have less than one percent failure rate. IUDs are even better. Yes, there can be repercussions. IUDs may cause painful, intense menstrual bleeding. Birth control pills may mean a risk for you if you smoke, take antidepressants, are prone to blood clotting, have cardiovascular diseases, diabetes or high blood pressure. However, doctors may come up with lots of safe options. At the vast majority of the cases, the worst side-effects of pills are minor symptoms like nausea or tender breasts. Do not be afraid of chemical contraception.
If you are sure that you never want to have kids, you may want a hysterectomy. It does not have to be a radical hysterectomy, which means that your ovaries are removed, too. It is a good idea to keep your ovaries; do not get rid of them. They produce hormones that will help prevent osteoporosis and early aging. If you have your entire womb removed, with the ovaries left in your body, you cannot get pregnant ever again – there will be no place for a fetus to grow.

Always think twice which method to use, and be reasonable. Consider your sexual health, your sexual life, the number of sexual partners, the effects and side-effects of birth control methods before you make a decision.

Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to tell him/her that you are not satisfied with your sex life?

They say that conversation is the key to solve problems of any kind. However people should be extra cautious when they have some objections when it comes to their sex life.  

If one of the partners feels dissatisfied with sex life, it is crucial that he or she doesn’t hold that inside and should talk with the partner. But keep in mind that you have to choose the right words and the right time because these are delicate suggestions that can easily make someone mad and irritated.  The most common mistake is to start the conversation right after the problem arises. For example, starting the conversation right after an “unsuccessful” sexual intercourse is wrong. In order to figure out what we are talking about we will provide an example. 

For example, if a man has fast ejaculation (premature ejaculation) and the woman accuse him of being a bad lover, egoist or even say that he has to leave the bed. Instead of that, the woman should calm down, try to understand her partner and solve the problems in a more “diplomatic” way. Because, using angry and aggressive tactics won’t lead to anything good. There is a soft erection treatment that can help men to get a hard erection. The same goes for men who are unsatisfied with the fact that their partner avoids oral sex. Many men choose to attack their partner and even threaten that they can get that type of pleasure from another woman instead of asking directly what the problem is. This is the worst possible approach and you can certainly expect a counter effect and all these things mean that you will remain unsatisfied with your sex life.

If you had wilder sex and different sexual practice with your old partner and you occasionally miss them, don’t talk about that with your current partner. This would be a big mistake that could lead to increased problems in your sex life. Instead of talking about your previous experiences, try to practice some sexual experiments with your partner. This is especially good idea in cases when your new partner is more restrained compared to your old parent. For example, if the man has practiced regular anal sex with his former partner and can’t have anal sex with his new partner he cannot simply say that he had better sex with his ex. Instead of that, he can openly talk about his sexual desire before he and his partner have sex. Men are even more frustrated when their woman mentions good sex and ex partner in the same sentence. Discussions in which we mention our ex partners are very sensitive and this is why it is better to avoid mentioning these persons especially when you talk about sex.

So, should partners lie to each other even if their sex is bad? Well, after the sex it’s better to say that sex was good even if it wasn’t because these moments are special. But feel free to mention some aspects of the sex life and sexual practice that you find unpleasant when you are talking about some other things after you had sex. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

10 Great Reasons To Set Aside Some Time For Quality Sex With Your Significant Other or Yourself

Many people don’t realize how good sex is actually for them. In fact, did you know that there are 10 ways in which sex is good for the body?

10 Vitally Important Reasons You Should Have Sex More Often

1 - Immune System Runs Better

People who are active sexually tend to be sick less often.  According to researchers at Pennsylvania’s Wilkes University, college student who had sex one to two times a week were shown to have higher levels of a particular antibody than those students who had less sex. Therefore, to maintain a happy, healthy immune system, you need to:

·         Be Active
·         Eat better
·         Get enough rest
·         Get all your vaccinations
·         Use a condom (in case you don’t know one another’s STD status)

When you want a healthier sex life, you can increase your libido (sex drive) by actually having sex. When it comes to sex and women, it increases the vaginal lubrication, boost sexual desire, elasticity and blood flow… all of which ensures she craves more of the act.

3 – Reduce Blood Pressure Level

There have been various studies that suggest sex between people (not masturbation) can reduce a person’s systolic blood pressure, which is the first number on the blood pressure test.

4 – Relieve Stress and Anxiety

When you’re with your partner, it can relieve any stress and anxiety you have. The reason is that the touching you get releases the body’s feel-good hormone. Therefore, when having sex, the brain releases a chemical that increases its pleasure system.

5 – Sleep Improvement

There’s a really good reason why going to sleep is so easy after sex. When you have an intense orgasm, prolactin, which is a hormone, is released. This hormone is responsible for the sleepy, relaxed feelings you get after you have sex.

6 – Reduces Chance For Heart Attack

Your heart will thank you for a good sex life. It’s one way to increase the heart rate, and boost testosterone level and estrogen levels in check. When either hormone is low, the body starts to have problems – heart disease, osteoporosis.   When you have sex on a regular basis, men and women can reduce their chances of dying from heart disease.

7 – Decrease Pain

When you have pain, you probably take aspirin to help ease it. Don’t do that! Have an orgasm instead. Orgasms can block pain by releasing a hormone that increases the pain threshold.

According to Dr. Barry R. Komisaruk, Rutgers distinguished service professor at the State University of New Jersey, said vaginal stimulation can stop constant leg and back pain. And, some women say genital self-stimulation can decrease arthritic pain, menstrual cramps and headaches.

8 – Better Bladder Control

A good way to avoid incontinence issues, which afflicts about 30 percent of women, is to have a strong pelvic floor muscle. And, great sex is the best workout to give the muscles. When an orgasm happens, it makes the muscles contract and strengthen them.

9 – Less Chance For Prostate Cancer

When men ejaculate on a regular basis (at least 20 times a month), they are less likely to be diagnosed with prostate cancer.  Of course, having sex is just one way to ejaculate. It can also be the result of masturbation or nocturnal emission. While there are many factors that increases or decreases a person’s cancer risk, being sexually active isn’t a bad thing.

10 – Good Exercise

Sex is great exercise, as it burns five calories per minute, which is four more than what you get from watching television. On top of that, it uses different muscles and speed the heart rate up. It doesn’t replace the elliptical or treadmill, but it does work too.

And, best of all, intimacy and sex can improve your state of happiness and bliss as well as your self-esteem. Sex is definitely one prescription that costs you nothing to enjoy, and make you feel better and have a healthy life.

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sex, for reasons beyond love making

Sex is a topic which goes much beyond the night and the enjoyment part. Sex plays a very important part in everyone’s life. It has many benefits and other health related advantages other than the fun part. Healthy amount of sex on a regular basis can help you cope with yourself and with your life in an easier and more efficient way.

On your health
Sex has shown to reduce pain in any kind of body pain. When you reach and orgasm, due to the release of a specific hormone, the body raises its level of threshold pain. We are in pain all the time, but we feel the ones that are above a threshold level, which is decided by our brain and nervous system. With increase in this level, you would need even great amount of pain to even feel it.

Sex can be related to your heart, but not by the string of love only. It has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease related deaths. One study discovered the fact that a man having sex on a regular basis is better immune to heart related diseases. It also maintains your blood pressure due to release of hormones, boost testosterone level and other influences of sex on your metabolic activities of the body. All these helps you to maintain a hard erection, and your partner will enjoy it so much.

For staying fit Better sex
Sex is even known to increase the immunity of the person having is regularly. It increases the antibodies present in your body. This makes you more immune to disease and sickness. Moreover, it acts as an exercise and is known to burn as many as 80 calories of energy in just a half an hour session of sex.
With regular sex, you would be lowering the chances of developing prostate cancer, which is one of the most common illnesses in men of the modern day. For women, more sex increases the ability to control your bladder and lessen the number or urgency to visit the washroom.

Psychological effects
Sex is known to be one of the best stress reliever known to man. With orgasm, a hormone is released into your blood vessels, which are known to make you feel good, affects your brain to get over your stress. A similar hormone is known to affect the depression and get over it by simply having a good sex.
With sex on nights, you can get into more deeper and peaceful sleeps that you have known. Sex uses up a lot of energy from your body, combined with the tiredness from the day and relaxed mind, it becomes a lot easier to sleep after having a good sex. So you can even avoid your sleeping pills with the help of sex.

How to get into the habit?
Now, if you think that it has a lot of benefits and you should get into the habit of having sex more often, then where should you be starting from? Simple, more you have sex, more your sexual interest will increase. It will enhance the libido. Having sex will become much more comfortable and you can enjoy it more. And on the positive part, it makes your relationship stronger and more intimate, which will help you have even more sex.

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Reasons to keep away from masturbation

Humans are sexual beings and have found out various ways to satisfy their sexual needs and calm down a strong sexual urge. Masturbation is one of the best of such techniques and in some cases is considered equivalent to sex, but it is not and there are numerous differences that most of the people who regularly use the method do not know about. Here are some of the facts and information that you should know.

Humans and Masturbation
Masturbation is a common practice which has been done by almost 95% of males and 89% of females at some or the other point in their lifetime. Masturbation has been developed by the will to explore your own body and how it reacts to various sexual stimulation. Many of the teens who achieve puberty explore the orgasm through masturbation.

Masturbations has been explained as the tool to enjoy, relax and fill in the sexual urge in the absence of a partner. Masturbation is considered by many as a safe sexual experience. For women, you can get pregnant and for everyone, you do not have the danger of catching an STD. For the young people, who are not legally allowed to engage in the act of sex, masturbation helps out to feel what they might be enjoying in future.

Masturbation is not all good as the thought of about a large population of the world. Though it satisfies various requirements and helps you out in various situations, it has some grave evils which you should be aware of.

·       - Masturbation easily puts you in a stage of fatigue and the feeling continues for quite a long time.
·     - Many studies have claimed it to be one of the many reasons for hair related problems like hair fall, hair thinning and others.
·      - It might lead to pain in the lower back region, testicular pain, and pain in the pelvic cavity and tail bone.
·        - It might affect vision with a condition called eye floaters.
·   - Sexual problems like abnormal erection and premature ejaculation have also been related to masturbation in many cases.

Limits of masturbation
Everything good has its limits, but we human wants to keep enjoying those good things. Masturbation is such a thing. We do not know what masturbation does to our bodies, but as we love to enjoy through the method, we tend to use it frequently. Due to high frequency of masturbation, the harmful effects of masturbation increases.
·     - High number of masturbations make you dependent on it. You would like to get on with it even with the slightest chance. This has the potential to affect your interest and performance in an actual intercourse.
·     - It can lead to other physical problems in men like, low libido, semen leakage, low sperm count and lead to impotence.
·      - In women, it can have harsh effects on the sexual organs and make them weak and dysfunctional.

It is suggested to have around it 2-3 times in a week.

Enjoy yourself, but before that, keep in mind the evils it bears on your body. Orgasm is good for physical and mental health. Try to have the actual orgasm as it is meant by the nature and avoid masturbation as much as possible.

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hypnosis and Sex

Majority of people are unaware of the fact that hypnosis can improve our sexual life. There are a lot of rumors and mystery that circle around hypnosis and hypnotist. Many people believe that a hypnotist has special powers and that they can actually abuse these hypnotic powers. This is simply not true. Hypnosis is actually a natural state just like being awake or asleep for example. This is a state that we can produce on our own but it can be ignited by a hypnotist (only if he has the proper conditions). The person that he is trying to hypnotize must be perfectly calm, relaxed, to be able to focus and most importantly the person should be willing to be hypnotized. It is impossible to hypnotize someone against his or her will. You cannot be caught in a hypnotic state just like you cannot fall asleep all of a sudden. The hypnosis is self-induced but this self-hypnosis can sometimes be triggered by a hypnotist.  

Hypnosis has been used as a tool for elimination of certain sexual difficulties like an additional method to psychoanalysis and various psychotherapeutic approaches. Thanks to hypnosis we can solve various health problems including those linked with sexuality. Many of the problems linked with sexuality are psychological in their core and this is exactly where hypnosis can help. Another benefit of hypnosis is that this is a good way for relaxation and relaxation is a key factor for good sex.

If you have ever wondered how to perform self-hypnosis we are presenting you a brief guide to self-hypnosis before you go to sleep (have sex). You should lay on your back and close your eyes. Try to listen to your breathing and focus on it. Start to imagine about a wave that is going throughout your body from the top to the bottom and vice versa. Start with your hair and scalp; relax every muscle on your body to your feet. Try to feel the muscle contraction of every muscle in your body and continue to breathe in the same rhythm. There is a chance that you might fall asleep after this procedure but if you are still awake you will definitely have better sex.

Positive thinking is based on autosuggestion which is nothing different from autohypnosis. Autohypnosis can be very efficient and it can even change your life especially in the field of sexuality. Inability tomaintain a hard erection, low self-esteem, premature ejaculation… these are all situations where autohypnosis can provide effects. A lot of researchers have confirmed that people under hypnosis can reach complete orgasm without sexual stimulation. Orgasms are all in your head.

In order to reach this complete orgasm with the help of hypnosis you must relax in the same way that we have mentioned above but visualize something else (not a wave) like going up and down stairs for example. Try not to think about anything else than this climbing. If everything is performed well you will have the best sex with your partner.            

Monday, July 7, 2014

How to find the best sex position?

There are literally dozens of sex positions but not all of them are suitable for every person. We often, watch, read or even listen about how useful it is to have sex in a standing position, missionary position, with woman on top etc. Sometimes we accidentally take a look at an adult movie and see some interesting positions that look easy but we end up with pain in certain parts of the body when we actually try them. Keep in mind that it is not unusual if we cannot place our leg behind the head. When it comes to sex positions, the most important thing is to enjoy and respect your partner’s and your wishes and focus only on the feeling of sexual pleasure.

There are hundreds of possibilities when we talk about the position of our body during sex. Standing, sitting, kneeling, laying on the back, laying on the stomach and many more. When you are trying to find the right sex position you must be honest about your abilities. For example, if you have certain difficulties with your knees, you don’t want to put additional pressure on them. Finding the best sex position is not an easy process, so the key to success is to explore new sex positions every time you have sex. The right position will help you lasting longer in bed, a good view of the body boost sexual desire and give you a harder erection. After some period you should start to avoid those positions that you find uncomfortable.

The flexibility of your body during sex is dependent on the position of your body. It depends on your desire about the sex or the feeling you want to achieve. Finding the right angle of penetration that gives you most pleasure is possible only through practice.

You might have noticed that some of the sex positions do not give the opportunity for those involved in a sex act to use their hands or legs. The reason behind this is the fact that when we think about various sex positions very often we focus on the penetration act alone and the genitalia and we forget how important element of the sexual intercourse our hands and legs are.

Finding the right rhythm is also very important in our quest to find the best sex position. In some cases, the penis can have “the right” size, the penetration can be deep enough and the whole atmosphere can be erotic enough but between partners might miss the rhythm and synched movement of the bodies which results in mediocre or even bad sex. Of course, the rhythm is extremely important for the sex act and if you find that certain sex position makes hard for you and your partner to create a synched movement of the bodies, maybe it’s time to find another sex position.

Remember that all these things function together and they are linked. Since you have probably read a lot on this topic, it is not unusual if you ask yourself whether you are missing something when you use the missionary position all the time. If some couples enjoy more acrobatic positions this doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy it too. Stick to the positions that make you and your partner sexually satisfied.  

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Food and the menopause

Menopause is a term used to describe the last menstrual cycle in the life of a woman. The average age of women that have entered menopause is around 50, which means that women spend around 1/3 of their lives in the so-called post-menopause period. In modern developed societies, around 20% of the total population belongs to the group of women in post-menopause. It is interesting to know that the period when menopause happens is genetically determined and women simply cannot avoid this transition. This means that menopause doesn’t depend on the number of ovulations, the number of childbirths, taking contraceptives or anything similar. The process of decreasing of reproductive abilities in women starts around ten years before the last menstrual cycle – the ovulary functions are slowly shutting down and the level of production of certain hormones rapidly drops. This is a period known as perimenopause.

A lot of researchers have confirmed that certain food can help with menopause. For example, soya can reduce some of the menopause symptoms and difficulties. The good thing about soya is that it can be used in different dishes) together with rice, salads, vegetables etc.). Of course, food and drinks like alcohol, coffee, sugar, and spicy food can even increase the usual symptoms like heat waves, insomnia, mood swings etc.

In the past two decades the most common method of treatment of postmenopausal symptoms is by using hormonal products. The procedure is also known as hormone replacement therapy. It’s good to point out, that women from different ethnic backgrounds experience different levels of difficulties. Asian women have least difficulties in the postmenopausal period and this is probably because of the diet that they practice throughout their life. The main reasons for these difficulties are the unstable levels of estrogen and progesterone in women. They can cause feeling of heat especially in the upper part of the body and even cause redness on the face and on the neck. These so called heat waves can last up to half an hour. These difficulties occur because of the proportional decrease of the level of estrogen when the glands secrete other hormones which eventually lead to fluctuations in body temperature.

It is a well known fact that healthy diet and regular physical exercises can solve many health problems. Some experts consider that a lifestyle of this kind can reduce the risk of coronary diseases and osteoporosis (two diseases that often attack women in menopausal period). That’s why it is highly recommended to take food low in cholesterol and saturated fat. Probably the best way to calculate the optimal level of fat intake is to take less than 1/3 of daily intake of calories.

The activity of phytoestrogens can be estrogenic or antiestrogenic. In the menopausal period women have fewer estrogens, and the phytoestrogens found in the food bind with receptors exhibiting estrogenic activity.

Fruit, vegetables, cereals are especially rich in carotene, vitamin B, zinc and vitamin C, substances that can ease the postmenopausal difficulties.