Saturday, September 1, 2018

How to Make Out With a Guy Step by Step

If you are fed up of waiting for your guy to kiss you, then it is time you took matters into your own capable hands. It could be that he is a little wary or shy of kissing you because of the underlying fear of rejection. If you follow these tantalizing steps, you will be able to make out with your guy in no time at all.

Look like a sex bomb
Your appearance will make it or break it for you! He will be even more turned on and attracted to you if you look sensational and sexy. Without overdoing it in any way, make sure you look sensual and sex appeal so that he automatically longs to hold you in his arms and kiss you.

Make him aware of your sexuality
All the while you have to make him aware of your sexuality. Dressing in like manner will help, but your manner and actions will also help you to get the message across. Flirt with him all through dinner and make sure he feels flattered and thrilled by the attention and love you are showering on him. If you are good enough, flirting with his mind is the best foreplay that is like normal sexual stimulation.

Make sure the ambiance adds to the romantic atmosphere
Don't think it is going to be easy for him to kiss you passionately in a crowded restaurant. Plan your moves. Choose a place where the romantic atmosphere makes him want to be alone with you. Soft lights, music, and candles will do the trick!

Go someplace private
The fewer people around you, the better it will be! Make sure that you are seated in a place where it will be easy for you to hug, caress and flirt with him without being disturbed by anybody. The more relaxed he feels, the easier it will be for him to kiss you.

Let him see you want him
It is essential to make him know through your actions and words that you are madly in love with him and want him. Let him know that you are okay with him kissing you. If you don't make him comfortable about making a move towards you, he might think that you are not ready for it.

Whisper loving things in his ear
It is also essential to get as physical as possible. Leaning forward and whispering lovely things in his ear will make him feel loved and special. It will excite him and turn him on. He will be convinced that if he tries to kiss you, you will not back away and be upset in any way.

Lick your lips and lean towards him
The best way to get him to kiss you passionately is to make him aware of your willingness to get close and personal. Lick those luscious lips and lean towards him. His arms will automatically go around you. All you have to do is tip your head and close your eyes! He will most certainly kiss you.

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