Saturday, December 20, 2014

Smoking Endangers Your Love Life

So many studies have been conducted to prove that smoking can give people heart disease, lung cancer and mouth and throat cancers as well. Similarly studies have also been conducted to show that people who smoke tend to have a lesser adventurous sex life than those who don’t especially when it comes to women. Often men do not stop their partners who smoke as they do not think much about the hazards of smoking. Some like it as they too are smokers and some do not mind it as they find it attractive. However studies have shown that a smoking partner can affect the health of the other over a period of time.

Smoking is harmful for many parts of our body like the heart, lungs, mouth, throat, arteries and blood vessels. Smoking is the known cause for impotence as studies have shown that 40% of the men suffer from impotence caused by smoking. It has the same affect on women as well. Women too suffer from fertility issues because of smoking. Smoking can cause decreased sexual desire function in women as well which translates into decreased interest in sex. Therefore smoking can harm the sex life of a couple for sure over a period of time. So people might want to know if there is a way out. Then yes, definitely there is a way out.

The first step is to cease smoking immediately. If both partners are smoking then the affect of smoking together puts them both at twice the risk of getting sick. However, if both want to quit then one can support the other and vice versa when it comes to abstinence from smoking. They can actually look out for each other when the craving to smoke returns. Similarly if only the woman is addicted to smoking then it becomes the male’s prerogative to help her get rid of the habit duly. 

There are many couple therapy sessions that are conducted by AA groups to help them understand the benefits of non smoking and the hurdles that they might face when a partner stops smoking.
When the woman in the relationship stops smoking there are many changes in her behavior that the man should be aware of and be ready for. The first side effect is the changing mood swings. She will feel moody, depressed and nervous most of the time in the early days. The withdrawal symptoms can be irritation, anger, confusion, inability to concentrate and sadness. However these last for a short period of time during which women need tremendous support from their partners to stay on the wagon as they say.

Once the period of struggle is over and women get over their nicotine addiction, men will see the new side of their personality. With will comes the power to focus on positive things in life like your relationship. Her libido drive will be back up and you will enjoy a higher sense of fulfillment in bed as smoking usually inhibits the production of testosterone which is necessary for an increase in sexual feelings. She will be healthier, enhance the libido and probably encourage fun things in bed.

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