Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Intimate hygiene in women

Hygiene is next to godliness is an ancient saying found in many nations. Nowadays, people are taking more than one shower a day and if you are a woman, you should know that excessive use of aggressive soaps can seriously disrupt the delicate balance of microflora in the intimate regions and reduce the possibility of self-defense. Almost every modern woman has experienced tingling, itching or pain in the vagina accompanied by exaggerated secretion at least once in her life. These problems rarely stop on their own and they are usually one of the main reasons to visit a gynecologist.

In the period of puberty, women experience the process of secretion in this area which occurs due to the peeling of cells located in the lining of vagina and cervix. The smell,, color and the quantity of secretions vary depending on the period of the cycle. The secretion contains millions of bacteria and the vast majority of them are harmless. The most important microorganisms in the intimate region are the lactobacilli that can turn glycogen into lactic acid. The glycogen can be found in the cells of the vagina and the lactic acid is here to maintain the protective pH value. Disorders in the microflora and changes in the pH levels of the vagina can occur for various reasons – stress, low immunity, fatigue, hormonal changes and misbalance, antibiotic therapy, pregnancy, menopause etc. Wearing a thong or too narrow pads, pants and underwear made of synthetic material contributes to the development of the imbalance because it prevents the skin to breathe and favor the transmission and spread of bacteria.

In order to avoid discomfort, it is crucial to take proper care of your intimate hygiene. There is a huge choice of products and means for keeping proper maintenance of the hygiene in the intimate area on the market. Almost all famous cosmetic brands produce baths, gels, shower gels, wet wipes etc. What is important is to choose a product that has pH value of about 4 and doesn’t contain perfumes. You should be especially careful with shower gels because many of them don’t have pH adjusted to the pH value of skin. This value is about 5.5 and the pH of intimate areas is 3.8 or 6.8 in women in post-menopause period. Since it is not a wise choice to overdo things, don’t overuse these products too. It is enough to apply them once a day or even less frequently. Many gynecologists even advise to wash only with water in order to give chance to the microflora to regenerate in a natural way. When you are traveling, use wet wipes which are specially designed for intimate care, but keep in mind that they are not an appropriate alternative for washing. Intimate hygiene is especially important during the period of menstruation. By practicing proper hygiene you will be able to reduce the risk of development of airborne bacteria and fungi. Try to change the tampons every 2-3 hours and replace them over night too. They should be made of completely natural materials.            

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