Monday, November 10, 2014

Breathing Exercises That Will Help You Last Longer In Bed

Its common knowledge for a man that when you are near achieving an orgasm breathing changes to a faster pace and your heart rate multiplies rather significantly. As you get aroused, breathing multiplies from a resting rate upwards to a high of 36 to 42 breathes every minute.

Just before you orgasm, your inhalation jumps again to well over 50 breaths every minute. Upon all aspects that are achieved during a love making session, breathing is one aspect that can be controlled with ease and willingly to enhance sexual performance.

When it comes to maintaining hard erections, there are a few breathing techniques that you have to master such as:

·         Breathing slowly so that you are able to minimize your heart rate allowing you to delay the orgasm
·         As you are in the middle of the love making session, you should inhale inwardly deeply, hold in your breath for ten seconds or more and exhale slowly

·         Proceed and maintain slow but rhythmic and controlled breathing as you thrust in and out of her.
As you feel that you are coming close to achieving an orgasm, your inhalation becomes rapid and the more your excitement mounts. It is at this precise moment that you ought to pay attention and fully concentrate on taking in long and slow breaths.

To achieve long and slow breaths, it’s important that you inhale inwardly and hold your breath for a number of seconds and exhale slowly.

Breathing a Soft Erection Treatment

The more you are able to control your inhalation and as it slows, your body will become a little more relaxed and you will be able to delay your orgasm for a while longer. Short orgasms are a result of fast breaths and it’s important that you master inhalation so that you can keep them at bay.

Inhaling slowly is one critical trick that will cheat your body into believing that time hasn’t come for it to reach an orgasm.

Mixing a good diet, physical exercises and breathing methods you will instantly change from the One Minute Man into a dynamite in the sack. Proper breathing depicts that as you near orgasm you should focus your energies on slow breaths.

As you breathe in and out slowly, make sure that your mouth is closed, do not force yourself to breath just relax and your love making session will be a magical event!

You should refrain from forcing your breathing and keep it slow and rhythmic.

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