Saturday, February 21, 2015

6 Ways to Make Your Women Enjoy Sex

At the height of passion in bed, her bend over back that lets out a groan that echoes screaming all over the room. Her hands are shaking your back, but you can feel only are tight and sudden twitches her as she is lost in the pleasure. Soon after, she whispers in your ear “Wow that was amazing ...”

Even if it seems more a dream than reality at this time, there are some “magic buttons” that you can press to make your partner reach orgasm. If you want to be this guy, check below the 6 best ways to make a woman come.

1. Let her be relaxed and comfortable
You need to make her relaxed and comfortable to enjoy the moment. And the best way you can achieve this is by performing a beautiful massage on your partner.
Most men have no idea how amazed women feel after a perfect sensual massage. Do not be so hasty to arrive soon to blows, for doing a good massage will be unveiling one of the greatest secrets to make women enjoy an unforgettable time of her life. Massage can awaken the body of a woman and allow the energy to move through her entire body.
Focus on making her body relax, open up and wake - allowing sexual energy wander freely throughout her body before sex and thus arming preparations to make the woman come.

2. Warm her feet
All men know that when a woman lies in bed she loves to intertwine cold feet in the boyfriend's legs to warm them. Warming her feet does more to a woman feel comfortable than anything else.
Make it a smooth and sensual foot massage is a great idea to excite your partner with your touch. It is these small acts that will build a sense of excitement and sexuality awakening that will make a woman come.

3. Changing the State of Mind
Her experience in bed will be dictated by what happens before the act itself. If you really want to know how to make a woman come, need to understand how to change the mood of it. And what better way to do this? Call her to chat about something that excites her. Ask her to share one of her largest and deepest sexual desire. Ask her how you feel during an orgasm, and start waking her sexuality through sounds and smells. She will end up getting so excited about the conversation that she will beg you to rip her clothes off soon.

Or try this: ask a few questions about what eventually gets her really excited. Maybe you can ask her if she wants a massage on her back and she will probably answer yes. Once you are massaging her shoulders, whisper in the ears “You look wonderful tonight; I just had to put my hands on you”.

You can see how a simple and innocent question quickly changes the mood of your partner. This technique alone is one of the most powerful ways to make a woman come, arousing sexual energy and excitement before any more sexual movement happen.

4. Sharpen the Senses
Smell is the strongest of the five senses when we're talking about making love. The right scent can be one of the best ways to make a woman enjoy the moment. And what could be that certain smell? Anything with a strong or sweet odor will increase their masculinity and enhance the libido of your partner. The smell of baby diapers bring a sense with similar effects, such as thoughts on playing subconsciously activating her excitement.

5. Find out what works
All women are different from each other and what makes them tick may be completely different from one to another. But the secret is: If you pay close attention to her body language, you realize that she is telling you everything exactly how to make her reach orgasm. Stay tuned to all the sounds and gestures that she does. Pay a lot of attention on how she reacts to what you do. She starts moaning when you move faster? Her body trembles when you lick a certain point of the vagina during oral sex?
Listen carefully and it will reveal to you all the desires and most hidden sexual secrets. So, you will have the key to making the woman enjoy in a way that she never experienced before.

6. Turn the Night in Fantasy
This is the explanation why women love movies and romance novels. For her, it's all connected to the experience, the intangible and not nameable. You take her to your own fairy tale. If you can learn this skill, it will be able to open the door for her sexual dreams and natural male enhancement supplement.

When we are children, Disney is almost always our favorite place in the whole world. The characters, harmony, sounds and smells seem to be all real. That's the magic in the air - a feeling impossible to explain, but real. Our reaction to Disney was the one who created the magic. And the experience was completely unique, because each of us was the one who created this magic.

When you take your time to wrap it in a sexual fantasies, all you need to do is create a basis for the magic to happen - the rest will manifest naturally.

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