Tuesday, November 3, 2015

How Can Sex Therapy Cure Depression?

Depression is very common health condition in modern times, but this doesn’t mean that we should not take depression seriously. If this condition is not treated fast, it can result in some very serious consequences. If you are dealing with frequent episodes of depression and you don’t know how to solve them, you should definitely try a sex therapy. Depression may further lead sexual disorders as well.

According to many sex experts and therapists, people who enjoy in more pleasures deal with less tension and stress. It all makes sense once you think about it. Every form of sexual pleasure relaxes people and suppresses tension and anxiety.

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Since sex is one of the most intense pleasures that people can experience, it is quite logical that this is one of the best tools to fight tension, anxiety and depression. But, how can we take advantage of this situation and use the benefits of sex to ease depressive mood?

The harmony and understanding from the partner is necessary during depressive episodes just like you need their support at any period of your life. Of course, during bad mood it will take a little bit longer to warm up, but this long introduction might result in an interesting foreplay and excellent sexual stimulation, but only with the cooperation of both partners and only in cases when the imagination is unleashed.

In addition to foreplay, there is another great opportunity for relaxation from the tension but also for an introduction to great sex – erotic or even pornographic content. For instance, people can view some erotic photos with their partner or watch a porn movie. Erotic or porn content is great way to have fun and get rid of stress, but it can also support imagination and wake up the sex drive. Both partners will feel relaxed mentally and physically and they will be more than prepared for a wild time spent in the bed. sex pill treat impotent

A recent study conducted by a team of scientists from the USA has cleared a lot of mysteries related to bad mood and sex. The results were especially interesting for the male readers. According to this study, women find sex to be especially useful in cases of bad mood because it reduces the symptoms and signs. So, how is this connection working? Well, the semen contains natural chemicals that stimulate good mood, but is also contains thyrotropin hormone (a hormone known for its excellent antidepressant properties), oxytocin and estrone which improves the mood, cortisol which is often described as a hormone of passion and love and serotonin a natural antidepressant hormone which you might know as the hormone of happiness. All these hormones are secreted from the seminal fluid and reach the bloodstream through the vaginal wall. After this process is finished, women experience reduced tension, depression and anxiety. In other words, sex has very positive influence on the mood.

So, in case you are struggling with depression and you feel grumpy and lack enthusiasm ask your partner for help. Besides, the communication you should practice sex too. 

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