Wednesday, May 16, 2018

How to Give a Gushing Orgasm - Female Ejaculation Tips

You have heard about the female ejaculation orgasm many times and each time you hear about it, you want to learn more because you want to make it happen for your woman. You want to give her sexual pleasure and you want to make her feel something that is out of this world. You want to be able to give her this kind of orgasm because if you do, you know that it is going to put the men in her past to shame and it is going to catapult you into a new category that no man has been put in before.

You desperately want to learn how to give your woman a gushing orgasm. You want to watch her explode with pleasure and you want to see that visual to know that you have done your job and that you have done it well. You are ready to give this to her tonight.

In order to give your woman this kind of earth shattering orgasm, you need to learn some tips. Most men aren't educated in the female ejaculation orgasm, so therefore, you need to learn some tips if you expect to dish out the pleasure to her.

Here are the only female ejaculation tips that you need to learn that will make any woman ejaculate, squirt and gush. These tips are going to help you to become the best lover she has ever had and the only one who is capable of making her feel this way.

The first tip to make a woman gush is to prep her with some full body stimulation. Kissing her, biting her and licking her everywhere except down there, will help to really get her in the mood. Giving her total body sex fires so much stimulation throughout her body and will help to get her aroused down there without you even touching her. Of course, once you finally do touch her down there, the sparks are going to fly and she will already be on the brink of orgasm. That is exactly where you want her to be.

Your next female ejaculation tip that you must learn if you want to make her squirt and gush is to touch the g-spot the entire time. Of course you want to get her going with some clitoral stimulation because this helps her to get more aroused and more importantly, this makes her g-spot bigger, easier to detect and easier to please. Not only does clitoris stimulation help her, it also helps you.

Now it's time for you to shine and it's time for her to gush. Your fingers are the best tools to get her to climax from g-spot stimulation because you have the most control with your fingers. You can do a variety of things to her g-spot and you can also pick up the pace, increase the pressure and do all sorts of things. Essentially, you want to give her a mix of stimulation. This keeps her interested, aroused and in the moment with you. It gets her thinking about what you are going to do next and it keeps her entire body and mind going. After a few minutes of constant g-spot stimulation, be prepared for her to let loose and be prepared to watch her gush in a way that she has never felt before. You can become the best she has ever had and you can make that happen now.

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