Saturday, May 26, 2018

Things You Should Keep in Mind Before Trying Anal Sex

More or less half of all men and women have tried anal sex once in their lifetime, according to the report by a national sexual health survey from Indiana University’s Kinsey Institute. But there is a huge difference between “attempting” and “enjoying” anal sex with your partner.  Lot of people refrain from anal sex due to fear of discomfort or pain  linked with anal sex. Major percentage of first-timers do not experiment it again because discomfort scare them away from trying it again.


Communication is the most important thing especially if you are trying anal sex for the first time with your partner. It is very crucial to constantly ask for the feedback from your partner during the whole act.
It is essential for a person on a  receiving end to ask his partner to stop in any case of discomfort or pain. It is duty of the other person to listen carefully and changes things ensuring person on the other end is happy with the process.

Set The Mood

A relaxed anus is part and parcel of anal sex. Muscle tension can be your worst enemy during butt sex as it can make it uncomfortable for both of you. It is important to set her mood and create a relaxing environment. You can also ask your sex partner what makes her ready to go!

Clean it Out

When it comes to anal sex , the amount of untidiness it can create is one of the biggest concern for the people considering to try it in their bed. But if your partner had a bowel movement prior to the act, there will likely be quite a less amount of mess to worry about. Meanwhile, you can always use a bulb syringe or perform anal rinse with an enema bag to clean your butt prior to an anal adventure.

Start Slow

It is important to help your partner get used to the process. It is never a good idea to dive in there, dick blazing. Starting slow should be way to go in order to enhance the sexual pleasure of the act.

Lube It Up

Lube and anal sex go hand in hand with each other. It is very important to use lot of lubrication if you want to make anal sex pleasurable. It is because anus does not produce enough lubricant unlike vagina so the more lube you use, the more comfortable anal sex experience can be.
It is very important to really choose the best lube in order to make yourself comfortable. Silicon lube is a better choice than saline-based for anal sex as it is less prone to breakdown.

Be Prepared To Abort And Begin Again

Sex is something that don’t always go as planned but just because of the fact that something did not work well in the past should not refrain you from trying it again. It is crucial for both partners to be patient and open-minded to make it successful.

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