Wednesday, December 11, 2013

3 Sexual Health Tips for Real People

There is no shortage of sources online that will tell you exactly what you need to do to spice up your sex life, or have better sex. The problem is, many of them don’t take into account that for real people, solutions aren’t always so simple. There can be general health concerns, as well as specific sexual health issues- not to mention, just trying to keep things interesting.

Here are a few things to consider when you need to shake things up in the bedroom; and really who hasn’t needed to?

1.       Don’t Get in a Rush
This seems like the simplest idea in the world, but so many men (and women) ignore it. Foreplay is integral to a healthy sex life. First off, it reconnects you with your partner. Nothing says passion like really getting familiar with your partners’ body again. For men who suffer from premature ejaculation or women who have trouble achieving orgasm; taking some extra time with foreplay can be the answer. Foreplay allows for a woman to fully “charge up” and get her close to climax; for men, it allows for sexual contact and intimacy without as much danger of arriving early.

The closer you get her early, the less time you have to last later.

2.      Go for the Extras
As humans, we have certain flaws; like, being human. Every one of us has is a little different, especially sexually. Some are more sensitive, and prone to premature ejaculation; others with erectile dysfunction or less sensitivity, have trouble achieving and maintaining a stronger erection to completion.

Whichever end of the spectrum you fall into; there are products out there that can help. Many topical ointments can add or reduce sensitivity as needed, helping many men immediately and without side effects. Of course, in some cases, stronger methods may be called for; such as natural male enhancement supplement. It is not shameful, and you shouldn’t be embarrassed looking for help. Isn’t it worth better sex to look at every possible solution?

3.      The True Sexual Organ
Don’t underestimate the importance of your brain. When it comes to sex, many times it is our own minds that can make the difference between bad sex and great sex- or any sex at all. There are physical causes of male impotence, to be sure, but studies have shown that many of the causes of impotence and dysfunction can be mental. Take the time to talk with a therapist, or your partner (if you are comfortable doing so) and see if some of the sources of your problems could be mental blocks.

More than that, other environmental issues can be at play- still affecting your mental state. Too much stress can also play havoc with your sexual health. So consider your mental state, and if you are taking care of the real problems; sexual enhancement can be as easy as looking inward.

There is nothing wrong with a lot of the advice you will get about sex; role play, bedroom games and special outfits for the occasion- those are all great things, and highly recommended. However, consider if your needs go beyond a new take on date night; taking a look at your sexual health could make the difference between a great sex life or none at all.

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