Sunday, December 8, 2013

5 Tips to Improve Sexual Health

It’s been said that sexual health is a man’s window to understand their overall well-being and health. In fact, most sexual dysfunctions aren’t just related to many major illnesses like diabetes, obesity high blood pressure and heart disease. It can also be indicators of future health problems. The good news is that most men can improve their performance without using medical interventions. 

Tip 1
While the bulbocavernosus isn’t the muscle you can work in a gym, it will be worthwhile to train it particularly for those men who suffer from premature ejaculation. While this is a great way to suppress arousal, however, it will not bring a person from five minutes to twenty minutes. But it is certain to progress up to seven minutes.
It also sounds dubious but doing Kegel exercises can help in the performance department. You will be able to have better control when ejaculating and strengthen erections.

Tip 2
Exercising is also important tip since it doesn’t just make your muscles and heart stronger, but it also improve blood flow. And with a good blood flow is crucial in achieving a stronger harder erection. A 30 to 60 minute exercise once a day five times a week is good start. You can do anything as long as it makes you blood flowing. It can be weightlifting, skating, swimming, jogging or even walking.

Tip 3
It is a fact that cutting back on fat can do wonders to your body. Not only will it keep you healthy, it also help treat erectile dysfunction. Some might not know that the more fat a person consume means more fat in the blood stream and result in a softer penis. Cutting back on alcohol and quitting smoking also affects performance an overall health. Therefore, it would be best cut back on these unhealthy practices not just for your performance but also for your health.

Tip 4
You have probably heard the saying if you think about something long enough, it will eventually become a reality. Being a big believer of the power of the mind also works wonders during intercourse. To make this work, you simply need to imagine yourself performing well and focus on it. Imagine yourself getting a hard erection and performing with it from start to finish. The mind is a very powerful tool and by getting into the habit of visualizing yourself regularly, it will become reality.

Tip 5
In addition to proper diet and losing weight, some doctors believe that a supplement that improves the vascular system and also boost’s a person sexual health. In fact, anything good for the vascular system is also good for a person is sexual function because the male organ is a vascular organ. Taking in supplements like L-argentine, tongkat ali, ginseng and nutrients like selenium and zinc benefits prostrate health and sexual functions.

But of course, in the quest to have better sex life, it will always take two to tango. Improving a person’s relationship with their partner is still essential for great sex and intimacy and you must not take it for granted. Because by paying special attention to your partner will not only make sex more pleasurable but can also make you slow down or turned on.

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