Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Few Mistakes Men Make in Bed

Experience is really important when it comes to sex but if you have experience this doesn’t mean that you don’t have to take care about anything else. Even men who have huge sexual experience can make mistakes. They say that people learn from their own mistakes but in case you don’t want to disappoint your partner it is better to read about some of the most common mistakes men make in bed. Some of them are repeating these mistakes and this makes the situation even worse.

Men should understand that every sexual partner can bring new sexual experience. Female sexuality is really complicated and different in each woman. The body of each woman reacts differently on certain sexual stimulation. Even the anatomy is slightly different in every woman. This means that what one woman finds interesting in sex doesn’t mean that this thing applies to every woman. The simplest way to figure out whether she likes something or not is to read the body language. In this way men can easily find out whether she wants faster or slower sex, deeper penetration or simple external stimulation etc. Furthermore, there is a reason why there are so many different sex position – not every man or woman likes all the positions. Change several positions during sex.

What many men avoid is talking about sex. Even if they want to talk about sex they start the conversation in an inappropriate time or place. There is no need to visit a sexual therapist when you can discuss this with your own partner. Gently ask your partner whether she likes the position you are practicing at the moment or not. Ask simple and short questions and continue. Many women feel very relaxed during sex and this is the right time to ask her everything you want about sex. Of course, don’t turn this into a conversation so stick to short and important questions. Some couples love using profanities during sex but in order to find out whether she wants that start using some simple words that confirm your excitement and see how it goes.

Unlike men, most women need to be emotionally relaxed in order to have good sex. What does this mean? It means that they need to bond with the person they are having sex with. They also need to have a longer foreplay before the act begins. Foreplay is extremely important for women, they need time to warm up, their sex drive is not as sensitive as men. Foreplay can overall increase women satisfaction and help you lasting longer in bed.

Another thing that makes many women frustrated is the fact that men often consider sex as a task they need to complete. They are speeding up the whole process to the maximum in order to achieve orgasm. The best thing is to stop thinking about the orgasm because sex doesn’t mean orgasm. There are cases when none of the partners achieves orgasm but they both have great time. These are the situations when they have intensive exchange of intimacy. The excitement is what makes the sex so good. The orgasm lasts for several seconds and it is gone. So, focus on your partner and enjoy each other’s bodies.

Hopefully, these tips will help you improve your sex life because this is the key to successful relationship.

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