Monday, October 20, 2014

Maintain a Hard Erection with Natural Herbal Sexual Enhancer

A good, healthy erection that also hardens is an important tool for any man who wishes to fully enjoy the pleasures brought about by sexual intercourse. There are instances in which you get an erection before you make love, but the moment you are about to the erection disappears.

The erection disappears due to the anxiety and pressure you experienced just before you began the love making session. To help you maintain a hard erection, we have come up with some natural tips that will help you enjoy intercourse without losing your erection.

What is ED?

ED also known as erectile dysfunction is the lack of getting and maintaining an erection that will be functional as you have sexual intercourse. Plenty of exercises, vitamins as well as a plethora of sex boosting pills not forgetting ED drugs (prescription) are recommended by medics for individuals suffering from ED.

For soft erection treatment this is exactly what you need: First and foremost, the most critical nutrient that deals with sexual health as a whole is Zinc. The Zinc nutrient is a natural herbal sexual enhancer, it's critical for various functions such as:

·        Boost testosterone level: testosterone is a hormone in males that is necessary for potency and sexual development.

·         It is important that you eat foods rich in Maxi2 Zinc Nutrients in your daily diet routine combine it with regular exercises and your sexual performance will be enhanced.

Let us look at some of the richest sources of Zinc…

·         Wheat Bran

·         Oysters

·         Pine Nuts

·         Shellfish

·         Wheat germ

·         Pecan Nuts

·         Brewer’s Yeast

ED Natural Vitamins

Vitamin C is a supplement that is recommended at 1000mg. This is a supplement that should be consumed 2-3 times every day. The purpose of the supplement is to lower cholesterol levels in the blood and enhances blood flow to various organs in the body.

One of the many reasons that leads to Ed is poor or reduced blood flow to the penis. Vitamin C not only reduces cholesterol levels, corrects the ED problem that was caused by the slow and reduced circulation of blood.

Vitamin E functions as an antioxidant and a natural supplement which aids in the reversing of ED and it enhances sexual experiences. Using Vitamin E is a wonderful option.

Vitamin B is a critical supplement used for various functions such as; blood circulation, energy and protein metabolism, stamina, hormone functionality and healthy nerves. This is a vitamin that should be added in a daily diet plan after having consulted with a medic.

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