Monday, July 7, 2014

How to find the best sex position?

There are literally dozens of sex positions but not all of them are suitable for every person. We often, watch, read or even listen about how useful it is to have sex in a standing position, missionary position, with woman on top etc. Sometimes we accidentally take a look at an adult movie and see some interesting positions that look easy but we end up with pain in certain parts of the body when we actually try them. Keep in mind that it is not unusual if we cannot place our leg behind the head. When it comes to sex positions, the most important thing is to enjoy and respect your partner’s and your wishes and focus only on the feeling of sexual pleasure.

There are hundreds of possibilities when we talk about the position of our body during sex. Standing, sitting, kneeling, laying on the back, laying on the stomach and many more. When you are trying to find the right sex position you must be honest about your abilities. For example, if you have certain difficulties with your knees, you don’t want to put additional pressure on them. Finding the best sex position is not an easy process, so the key to success is to explore new sex positions every time you have sex. The right position will help you lasting longer in bed, a good view of the body boost sexual desire and give you a harder erection. After some period you should start to avoid those positions that you find uncomfortable.

The flexibility of your body during sex is dependent on the position of your body. It depends on your desire about the sex or the feeling you want to achieve. Finding the right angle of penetration that gives you most pleasure is possible only through practice.

You might have noticed that some of the sex positions do not give the opportunity for those involved in a sex act to use their hands or legs. The reason behind this is the fact that when we think about various sex positions very often we focus on the penetration act alone and the genitalia and we forget how important element of the sexual intercourse our hands and legs are.

Finding the right rhythm is also very important in our quest to find the best sex position. In some cases, the penis can have “the right” size, the penetration can be deep enough and the whole atmosphere can be erotic enough but between partners might miss the rhythm and synched movement of the bodies which results in mediocre or even bad sex. Of course, the rhythm is extremely important for the sex act and if you find that certain sex position makes hard for you and your partner to create a synched movement of the bodies, maybe it’s time to find another sex position.

Remember that all these things function together and they are linked. Since you have probably read a lot on this topic, it is not unusual if you ask yourself whether you are missing something when you use the missionary position all the time. If some couples enjoy more acrobatic positions this doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy it too. Stick to the positions that make you and your partner sexually satisfied.  

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