Sunday, July 20, 2014

How to tell him/her that you are not satisfied with your sex life?

They say that conversation is the key to solve problems of any kind. However people should be extra cautious when they have some objections when it comes to their sex life.  

If one of the partners feels dissatisfied with sex life, it is crucial that he or she doesn’t hold that inside and should talk with the partner. But keep in mind that you have to choose the right words and the right time because these are delicate suggestions that can easily make someone mad and irritated.  The most common mistake is to start the conversation right after the problem arises. For example, starting the conversation right after an “unsuccessful” sexual intercourse is wrong. In order to figure out what we are talking about we will provide an example. 

For example, if a man has fast ejaculation (premature ejaculation) and the woman accuse him of being a bad lover, egoist or even say that he has to leave the bed. Instead of that, the woman should calm down, try to understand her partner and solve the problems in a more “diplomatic” way. Because, using angry and aggressive tactics won’t lead to anything good. There is a soft erection treatment that can help men to get a hard erection. The same goes for men who are unsatisfied with the fact that their partner avoids oral sex. Many men choose to attack their partner and even threaten that they can get that type of pleasure from another woman instead of asking directly what the problem is. This is the worst possible approach and you can certainly expect a counter effect and all these things mean that you will remain unsatisfied with your sex life.

If you had wilder sex and different sexual practice with your old partner and you occasionally miss them, don’t talk about that with your current partner. This would be a big mistake that could lead to increased problems in your sex life. Instead of talking about your previous experiences, try to practice some sexual experiments with your partner. This is especially good idea in cases when your new partner is more restrained compared to your old parent. For example, if the man has practiced regular anal sex with his former partner and can’t have anal sex with his new partner he cannot simply say that he had better sex with his ex. Instead of that, he can openly talk about his sexual desire before he and his partner have sex. Men are even more frustrated when their woman mentions good sex and ex partner in the same sentence. Discussions in which we mention our ex partners are very sensitive and this is why it is better to avoid mentioning these persons especially when you talk about sex.

So, should partners lie to each other even if their sex is bad? Well, after the sex it’s better to say that sex was good even if it wasn’t because these moments are special. But feel free to mention some aspects of the sex life and sexual practice that you find unpleasant when you are talking about some other things after you had sex. 

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