Thursday, July 10, 2014

Hypnosis and Sex

Majority of people are unaware of the fact that hypnosis can improve our sexual life. There are a lot of rumors and mystery that circle around hypnosis and hypnotist. Many people believe that a hypnotist has special powers and that they can actually abuse these hypnotic powers. This is simply not true. Hypnosis is actually a natural state just like being awake or asleep for example. This is a state that we can produce on our own but it can be ignited by a hypnotist (only if he has the proper conditions). The person that he is trying to hypnotize must be perfectly calm, relaxed, to be able to focus and most importantly the person should be willing to be hypnotized. It is impossible to hypnotize someone against his or her will. You cannot be caught in a hypnotic state just like you cannot fall asleep all of a sudden. The hypnosis is self-induced but this self-hypnosis can sometimes be triggered by a hypnotist.  

Hypnosis has been used as a tool for elimination of certain sexual difficulties like an additional method to psychoanalysis and various psychotherapeutic approaches. Thanks to hypnosis we can solve various health problems including those linked with sexuality. Many of the problems linked with sexuality are psychological in their core and this is exactly where hypnosis can help. Another benefit of hypnosis is that this is a good way for relaxation and relaxation is a key factor for good sex.

If you have ever wondered how to perform self-hypnosis we are presenting you a brief guide to self-hypnosis before you go to sleep (have sex). You should lay on your back and close your eyes. Try to listen to your breathing and focus on it. Start to imagine about a wave that is going throughout your body from the top to the bottom and vice versa. Start with your hair and scalp; relax every muscle on your body to your feet. Try to feel the muscle contraction of every muscle in your body and continue to breathe in the same rhythm. There is a chance that you might fall asleep after this procedure but if you are still awake you will definitely have better sex.

Positive thinking is based on autosuggestion which is nothing different from autohypnosis. Autohypnosis can be very efficient and it can even change your life especially in the field of sexuality. Inability tomaintain a hard erection, low self-esteem, premature ejaculation… these are all situations where autohypnosis can provide effects. A lot of researchers have confirmed that people under hypnosis can reach complete orgasm without sexual stimulation. Orgasms are all in your head.

In order to reach this complete orgasm with the help of hypnosis you must relax in the same way that we have mentioned above but visualize something else (not a wave) like going up and down stairs for example. Try not to think about anything else than this climbing. If everything is performed well you will have the best sex with your partner.            

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