Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Sex, for reasons beyond love making

Sex is a topic which goes much beyond the night and the enjoyment part. Sex plays a very important part in everyone’s life. It has many benefits and other health related advantages other than the fun part. Healthy amount of sex on a regular basis can help you cope with yourself and with your life in an easier and more efficient way.

On your health
Sex has shown to reduce pain in any kind of body pain. When you reach and orgasm, due to the release of a specific hormone, the body raises its level of threshold pain. We are in pain all the time, but we feel the ones that are above a threshold level, which is decided by our brain and nervous system. With increase in this level, you would need even great amount of pain to even feel it.

Sex can be related to your heart, but not by the string of love only. It has been known to reduce the risk of heart disease related deaths. One study discovered the fact that a man having sex on a regular basis is better immune to heart related diseases. It also maintains your blood pressure due to release of hormones, boost testosterone level and other influences of sex on your metabolic activities of the body. All these helps you to maintain a hard erection, and your partner will enjoy it so much.

For staying fit Better sex
Sex is even known to increase the immunity of the person having is regularly. It increases the antibodies present in your body. This makes you more immune to disease and sickness. Moreover, it acts as an exercise and is known to burn as many as 80 calories of energy in just a half an hour session of sex.
With regular sex, you would be lowering the chances of developing prostate cancer, which is one of the most common illnesses in men of the modern day. For women, more sex increases the ability to control your bladder and lessen the number or urgency to visit the washroom.

Psychological effects
Sex is known to be one of the best stress reliever known to man. With orgasm, a hormone is released into your blood vessels, which are known to make you feel good, affects your brain to get over your stress. A similar hormone is known to affect the depression and get over it by simply having a good sex.
With sex on nights, you can get into more deeper and peaceful sleeps that you have known. Sex uses up a lot of energy from your body, combined with the tiredness from the day and relaxed mind, it becomes a lot easier to sleep after having a good sex. So you can even avoid your sleeping pills with the help of sex.

How to get into the habit?
Now, if you think that it has a lot of benefits and you should get into the habit of having sex more often, then where should you be starting from? Simple, more you have sex, more your sexual interest will increase. It will enhance the libido. Having sex will become much more comfortable and you can enjoy it more. And on the positive part, it makes your relationship stronger and more intimate, which will help you have even more sex.

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