Thursday, April 24, 2014

Men Burn More Calories In Bed Than Woman

New studies confirm that men burn more calories in bed than women. This was at first thought to be a myth but research now shows that it is the truth. Studies show that men can burn around 101 calories in bed and women just burn around 69 calories.

The study conducted of 21 heterosexual couples.  They did 84 sessions to help with the studies. They could not use any drugs that would help to enhance sex during this time like Viagra. The studies showed that men seem to be a lot more active when having sex and that is why they burn more calories. It also showed that the calories burnt in bed varied between women and men based upon how much activity they did. If a woman was more active, then she would be the one to burn more calories than him.

Sex can also help with boosting the immune system and it can help with making sure that you have good muscle tones and much more. Between having sex with a partner and working out at the gym, men can burn a lot of calories in one day the healthy way and have a lot of fun doing it. 

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