Sunday, April 6, 2014

Improving Sexual Health

One of the most important activities in a man’s life is to have sex. Not only is it important, but it is something that men want to do well. If a man can satisfy his partner then it makes him feel more confident about himself and increases his self esteem. When men are younger they tend to have a higher sex drive because their adrenal glands are producing a lot of testosterone in their bodies. This allows them to perform better sexually and increases their chances of giving women orgasms. However, as men get older their adrenal glands tend to produce less testosterone, which causes them to have a lower sex drive. Once this happens, the man will eventually feel depressed and have low self esteem. Then they will likely take antidepressants to try and relieve these painful feelings, but the antidepressants will just make their sex drive worse. Depression doesn't just affect older people’s sexual health because younger people with depression will also have a low sex drive as well. It’s just that the reasons for the depression will be different between the two age groups.

            To get a higher sex drive you have to find a way to get more energy and feel good about yourself. Sometimes all you need to do is tweak your mental state in order to increase your sexual health. This could mean going to a psychiatrist to talk about your problems and get rid of those mental barriers that are preventing you from getting aroused. If you need a natural way to feel better, then try some form of cardiovascular exercise. You could just go for a simple 20 minute walk or jog every day. You will be amazed how much better you will feel afterwards. It will also help you lose weight and promotes a healthy heart. If your problem has to do with testosterone production then you can either purchase a testosterone supplement at your local drug store or you can go visit your doctor to get a prescription. Finally, try new sexual positions with your partner. Sometimes couples that have been together for a long time will lose their sex drives because the sex becomes a routine that never changes. If you keep having sex in the same place and in the same position then it will get boring after awhile. That is why you should purchase a Kama Sutra manual and try out new sexual positions that you have never tried before. This will spice up the excitement in the bedroom, which will help increase the sex drive of you and your partner.  

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