Thursday, April 17, 2014

Sexually Transmitted Diseases - Trichomoniasis

The main cause for appearance of trichomoniasis, a well known sexually transmitted disease, is a small organism known as trichomonas vaginalis. When it comes to specific risk groups, women are those who are suffering more from the effects of this disease, while men are usually only carrying this disease and transfer it to their partners during the sexual intercourse. 

Although trichomoniasis can appear in women in every age, this disease is usually present in young, sexually active women who often switch their partners. According to some statistics, there are more than 7 million new cases of this disease every year which makes it one of the most present STDs in modern times. What makes this disease specific is that if a man is carrying Trichomoniasis it is very difficult to discover it, because of the fact that there are no obvious and visible symptoms or signs and in most cases men start treating this disease when their partners find out that they are suffering from trichomoniasis and start with the treatment. 

Anyway there are few mild symptoms that can occur in men. For example, occurrence of irritation inside the male sexual organ, reduced secretion of body fluids ot burning and tingling sensation after ejaculation or urination are some of the symptoms of this serious disease.

When we talk about women suffering from trichomoniasis, some of the symptoms and signs are similar to those in men but there are few others that are more serious. The most frequent symptoms of trichomoniasis in women include: irritation and constant feeling of itching in the vagina, vaginal secretion that has unusual yellowish color and it is accompanied by strong smell and foam appearance and discomfort during the sexual intercourse. In some more serious cases, women start to feel pain in the lower abdomen. However this symptom is very rare. 

The symptoms don’t appear immediately. It takes 5 to 30 days since the moment of exposure, until the symptoms begin to appear.

Women that suspect that they are suffering from trichomoniasis should visit their doctor. The doctor must perform a physical examination in order to set a proper diagnosis. In addition there is a lab examination. This examination is performed based on the sample of the vaginal fluid or any other fluid that originates from the urethra, because these are the places where the parasite resides. Men can also visit a doctor but finding the parasite is much more difficult in men compared with women. Herbal Sexual Enhancer

Luckily, treatment of this disease is not that difficult and it is important to start with the therapy as soon as possible. In most cases, therapy with oral antibiotic is suggested. Women that are pregnant should be especially cautious and inform the doctor about their pregnancy before the doctor prescribes the therapy. These antibiotics can damage the fetus.

Besides women, men should also start with the therapy at the same time. In this way the partners will prevent occurrence of this disease in the future. Persons who are treated for trichomoniasis are advised to avoid sexual intercourse until they are fully healed. 

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