Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Sex after childbirth

New parents usually dream about the sex that they had before their children came on this world. The sex was long, weekends and vacations were filled with lots of sex and sometimes this activity was practiced in the mornings.

According to some researches most of the couples who have children were a lot more satisfied with their sex life before they got children, which is probably normal because they were younger and had fewer obligations. However there are ways to improve your sex life after childbirth and all you have to do is be willing to test these ways.

Couples with children should try to master the so-called quick sex and try to find time for intimate moments despite the obligations and sometimes the chaos that surrounds them. Everyone can and should find time for that because the consequences could be really bad for your health and your relationship too.

These intimate moments can start with a long hug for example. As many scientists have confirmed a long hug or a physical contact in general stimulates our brain which releases an important hormone called oxytocin. This neurohypophysial hormone is also known as the “cuddling hormone” and it is also released during sexual excitement, during intense orgasms and during childbirth.

Oxytocin is very helpful when it comes to creation of emotional intimacy, satisfaction, relaxation and building trust. According to some researchers this hormone is very useful with few other things like stress relief, lowering blood pressure and boost testosterone level. As you can see the releasing of this hormone can affect our health in a very positive way.  It is good to know that you and your partner can trigger releasing of this hormone during the whole day, a simple hug that lasts around 30 seconds will raise the level of oxytocin in the bodies of both men and women.

There are few other things that can stimulate oxytocin and sexual desire too.
For example, a simple kiss can do the job too. According to some studies less than half of the married couples kiss at least once a day. This is simply wrong. Kisses are not something that is reserved for teenagers only. Couples that don’t share hugs and kisses are risking their relationship and they are risking entering a sexual routine that tends to be boring. When we start to avoid kissing we should think about some changes in our lives.

If you and your partner are separated for longer period of the day try using modern technology to send provocative messages via the internet or the cell phone. In this way you will show that you miss him/her and create a sexual tension that can erupt later.

Don’t forget to talk about sex. Remember how you used to watch dirty movies together or talked about your sexual fantasies? Well there is no reason that you should not do this again after childbirth. Of course watching movies could be more difficult but talking about fantasies and dreams is always easy.

Having quality sex after childbirth is not something impossible, in fact you can maintain almost the same level of sexual activity that you had before childbirth as long as you are ready to put some effort. 

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