Saturday, May 10, 2014

Exercises that can help your sex life

Instead of going to the pharmacy you can always start exercising. Exercising is a natural way to improve your sex life. Any type of exercising is good for our general health, and since sexual health is part of the general health it is logical that your sex life will benefit from exercising. However, there are some exercises that are especially useful when it comes to improving sex life. By practicing these exercises you will improve your endurance, flexibility and you will be able to spice up the things that happen in your bed.

Flexibility exercises can be found in many sports and techniques and probably the best one is yoga. If you lack flexibility or you want to try some positions that require flexibility, start practicing yoga as soon as possible. Besides improved movement and flexibility, yoga can improve your strength and most importantly it can improve your sex life thanks to the breathing techniques and exercises for better balance and concentration. Those who are focused only on improving flexibility should do some stretching before training.

Strength exercises come in many forms – fitness, weight lifting or exercises without equipment – push-ups and/or sit-ups. We all know how these exercises are helpful for our look but they also raise the level of testosterone in the blood. Testosterone is an important hormone that plays essential role in the sex life in men. According to some experts even a short weight lifting exercise can instantly raise the level of testosterone in the body. Besides getting in shape and increased sex drive you will also experience improved stamina during sex.

There are some exercises that can be helpful with specific sexual problems like erectile dysfunction for example. Latest studies have shown that by practicing aerobic exercises such as running, fast walking, riding bicycle, men over 50 can reduce the chance of erectile dysfunction occurrence. Walking around 3 miles 3 times a week is something that anyone can do. These aerobic exercises are also good for the heart and the circulatory system which ultimately has effects on the blood flow in the penis. Exercise boost testosterone level and give you the biggest erection ever. During these exercises, endorphins are released in the system and they help us feel more relaxed and feeling relaxed is one of the most important things during sexual intercourse.

Older people (over 60) will find swimming especially useful for their sex life. Swimming is good for both men and women. Swimming 3-4 times a week for 30 minutes can make a huge difference. It improves the endurance and keeps the muscles in shape. In addition to strength and endurance, swimming helps the self-awareness which of course improves the libido.

The specialized Kegel exercises can be very useful for those who look for endurance. By strengthening the muscles which control the urination you will be able to control the ejaculation and lasting longer in bed. These exercises are especially interesting because you can practice them wherever you want.

Start practicing some of these exercises at least three times a week for 30 minutes and you will feel better about yourself and you will also make your partner happier. 

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