Tuesday, May 27, 2014

How to Get Relief from PMS?

A lot of women are suffering from different difficulties before they get their period and these difficulties are linked to PMS.

PMS is an abbreviation used for premenstrual syndrome. PMS is actually a number of difficulties that occur in women usually around seven days before they get their period. In some cases the syndrome occurs as early as 14 days before the period. Although the experts cannot find the direct cause of these difficulties, the most probable cause is the changing of hormone levels that are taking place in the woman’s body in that period. When the menstrual cycle is in the middle, a significant rise of the female hormone progesterone can be noticed. 

The level of progesterone declines right before the period starts. At the same time another female hormone called estrogen shows decline in its levels. But it’s not only the hormone levels that affect the PMS. Things like lack of sleep and stress can also worsen the situation. Although PMS doesn’t affect all women, this syndrome has great impact even for the lives of those who live with persons that are suffering from PMS. However, it is good to know that these symptoms can be relieved by using some simple methods.
Women can easily determine if they have PMS. 

One very common PMS symptom is rapid mood change. Some women are very bad tempered and irritable while others get very emotional. Many women say that during this period they feel hunger and increased appetite and they feel need to consume carbohydrates. Other symptoms include: constant chest pain, bloated stomach and lack of enthusiasm. Some women experience skin problems like outbreak of acne and pimples. It is good to self-observe these situations because people can have this kind of periods regardless of their menstrual cycles. This is very useful if you want to determine whether your PMS has really started.

Although some medications can help you during this period there is no need to start taking medications when PMS starts. In many cases some simple changes in the lifestyle can ease the pain and make the symptoms go away.
For example, a change in the diet can bring many benefits. Fats and sugar should be avoided and consummation of complex carbohydrates rich in fiber should be introduced in your diet. Food rich in fiber includes whole grain bread and whole grain pasta for example. Food that contains lots of salt should also be removed from the diet because salt can cause additional feeling of flatulence. Instead of having 3 main meals have five or six smaller meals during the day. Minerals such as calcium can help you fight PMS symptoms too.

Although many women find exercising during PMS difficult, make sure you perform some basic physical activities during that period like walking and running. This physical activity will help you have a good night sleep which is also very important when we talk about PMS relief.

All these steps are very easy and they don’ require much effort, so remember that the only thing you can lose are the annoying symptoms of PMS.

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