Sunday, May 18, 2014

Pull-out method as a type of contraception

This method that is also known as rejected sexual intercourse of withdrawal method has been practiced by couples for hundreds of years. But this still doesn’t make it a good contraceptive method.

Coitus interruptus is the medical term for this type of contraception and it was the main method of contraception for ancient civilizations and it didn’t take long until they’ve realized the connection between the sexual intercourse and conception. That’s why the’e started practicing sexual intercourses in which the man pulls out the penis when he starts to feel that the ejaculation is on its way. In this way the semen is released on the partner or next to her instead inside her vagina. In simple words, we are talking about sexual intercourse with pull-out method which prevents unwanted pregnancy. I tis interesting that this method is mentioned even the Bible.

When it comes to its efficiency, the pull-out method (coitus interruptus) has the highest rate of failure, because according to some relevant medical statistics 2 in 10 cases end in pregnancy. Stopping the sexual intercourse right before ejaculation is certainly not the most reliable method for protection against unwanted pregnancy and the main reason is not the ejaculation itself but the pre-seminal fluid that is released from the penis in the state of increased arousal. This liquid is released during the sexual intercourse without control and it is more present during the end of the sex act. This pre-ejaculate contains sperms and their number can be higher if the man has recently ejaculated and each of these sperms can be on its way to the eggs long before the man achieves orgasm. In addition, performing coitus interruptus requires ability of self-control in men. Inexperienced and young men often have trouble pulling out the hard erection penis during sex.

In the so-called pull-out method both men and women can experience the full pleasure of sex and they can both share the frustration because of the interrupted sex act in cases of conception. In many cases women want their men to stay longer inside them and men find difficult to resist. The biggest advantage of the pull-out method is that there is no need for additional input of hormones in the women’s body which is not the case when contraceptive pills are used. In this way you can also avoid allergies that are very common when condoms are used. Overall, the whole process feels more natural. However, besides the higher risk of unwanted pregnancy, the pull-out method doesn’t offer any protection against sexually transmitted diseases(STD). In some cases it can also contribute to constant sexual dissatisfaction because the partners are unable to relax when they are reaching intense orgasm.

The sperms are moving really fast once they are released and it takes them part of a second to reach the eggs. Although this method is not advisable, if you feel that this the best option for you try to practice it when the period of ovulation is finished. In this way you can significantly lower the chances of unwanted pregnancy. The advantage? The contact is direct and you can enjoy sex the best way, it can give you the biggest erection and some of the girls don't like condom too. This may be your solution as well.

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