Friday, May 9, 2014

How to Find the Right Condom?

Condoms are mechanical contraceptive that men apply on the penis before the sexual intercourse. The fact is that many men try to avoid using this contraceptive and the reasons for that are different. Some say that the condoms squeeze their penis; others have problems with the size of the condom. Furthermore, some men are suffering from allergies caused by condoms while others say that they don’t feel aroused after they place the condom. These are some of the reasons why men avoid condoms and there are many more. However, the condom is one of the best “tools” when it comes to sexually transmitted diseases as well as one of the most effective products for the prevention of mechanical pouring of sperm into the vagina (unwanted pregnancy). According to some statistics less than 10% of women who had sex with a partner wearing a condom end up pregnant. Now that we know how important condoms are in some situations let’s see how to choose the right one.

First of all, condoms can be found in many different sizes. There are condoms with a basic size (they usually adjust to the size of the penis) but there are also condoms with extra large size. Their length varies between 6,2 inches to 8,6 inches. The width can vary too – from about 1,9 inches and above, with some condoms designed in a way that the width is not equal to the head and the base of the penis, which allows better comfort and of course more sexual pleasure. In any case, choose a condom that is suitable for the size of your penis and be objective. Too big condoms can slip from the penis, while too small condoms can break easily.

There are different materials used for production of condoms. The most common materials used for condoms are latex, those based on animal tissues and on synthetic mass. All these condoms are successful when it comes to their original function (prevention against STD and unwanted pregnancy). However, condoms based on latex are especially useful against STD and the good thing is that they can be found everywhere. People that are allergic to latex can use condoms based on polyurethane. These condoms are very thin and that’s why they are used by men who don’t have problems with allergies. Polyurethane condoms are recommended for people who use creams and gels against fungal infections. Although oil-based lubricants generally don’t affect the integrity of polyurethane condoms, try to use lubricants based on water. Oil-based lubricants are dangerous for those who use latex condoms because they can break them.

Nowadays we can also choose from condoms that have different texture and even taste. Condoms can be smooth, wrinkled, ribbed etc. It’s a good idea to try condoms with different types of texture because they can increase the pleasure during the sexual intercourse. When it comes to the taste the best option is to ask the partner because after all she will be the one that will taste it. 

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