Sunday, May 4, 2014

Intimate Hygiene for Men

Unfortunately intimate hygiene for men is a topic that doesn’t get the necessary attention and young men are usually left on their own when it comes to learning how to take care of their intimate hygiene. It is important to understand that intimate hygiene is essential for our overall health. This is the reason why you should learn few things that will help you with that process.

First of all, we will talk about washing the penis. In order to avoid odor and buildup of unwanted substances on the penis you must take baths regularly. These unwanted substances can be found under the glans penis.  Although it is usually completely harmless and natural you can remove it with proper intimate hygiene and make your intimate body parts smell more pleasantly. Of course, you should not perform excessive rubbing of the penis and use unsuitable and strong body lotions and gels, because they can worsen the situation. If you overuse this procedure, you start to feel itching and burning sensation in the penis and that’s why this whole procedure should be gentle and thorough. Remember to thoroughly wash the area behind the foreskin. This advice is especially useful for men that are not circumcised, because they often forget to pull the skin down and completely wash the penis. Always use lukewarm water during this process. If you are following these tips and your genital area still has odor you should see a doctor which will determine if you are having any inflammation or STD.

Many men find shaving pubic hair to be unusual and even girly. However, shaving the hair around the penis has some advantages and disadvantages. If you decide to shave the hair in this area use a razor, because wax requires high tolerance for pain and besides that the skin in this area is very sensitive. Don’t use extremely sharp razors and do it carefully. If you want to remove the hair with a wax you should be ready for possible infections. This kind of intimate hygiene has its own benefits. For example, your partner will certainly appreciate your move because it will allow her better access to the penis. Of course, the oral sex will be much more pleasant and you will prevent possible occurrence of bacteria that usually dwell in the hair. Furthermore, your penis will definitely look bigger without the hair.

After the daily intimate hygiene routine make sure you check the condition of your testicles. Take the testicles in your hands and carefully examine if there are any changes in the size, shape or maybe if there are any growths. These are some of the signs and symptoms of sexually transmitted diseases or testicular cancer. Don’t confuse the epididymis with some growth. The epididymis is part of the reproductive system that lying on the testicles. Epididymis looks and feels like a bent tube, which can be found on the upper side of each testicle. If you notice some changes like changes in the odor and color of the sperm, pain during the sexual intercourse, pelvic pain etc. seek advice from your doctor. 

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