Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What you need to know about vasectomy

Many men have prejudice and mixed feelings when it comes to vasectomy. This fear and mixed feeling are usually based on lack of knowledge on this topic.

Vasectomy is actually a permanent method of contraception. This means that once a man decides that he is ready to perform it, there is no turning back – the process is irreversible. Even though, every year more and more men decide to have vasectomy, there are still some prejudices, fears and even myths about it. Of course, this is all normal because lack of knowledge can cause all these feelings and the best option to eliminate these things is learning few things about vasectomy.

Vasectomy is a term used to describe a minor surgical procedure, which in most cases is performed under local anesthesia. Medically speaking, vasectomy is a permanent interruption of the flow of sperm from the testicles to the urethra, or in simple words – the sperm is not released out of the hard erection penis during ejaculation. Having all these things in mind, one should be completely sure that he doesn’t want to be a father again. That’s why the medical staff is having consultation with the patient before they proceed with the surgery. In most cases, vasectomy is a choice for men who already have children but don’t want to have more children and in some cases there are men who are sure that they don’t want to have children at all. The procedure is very easy and painless (because of the local anesthesia) and it doesn’t require much time for recovery. The usual advice is to rest for a few days and not lift anything that is heavy. If you are considering permanent contraception with your partner, vasectomy should be one of your top choices mostly because of the simple procedure. For example, tubal ligation in women, also known as sterilization in women, is a procedure that is performed under complete anesthesia. Besides that it is more complicated and in many cases it has some side effects.

The most common problem in men and vasectomy is the fact that many men cannot even imagine someone with a scalpel getting near their genitals. In addition, many of them assume vasectomy will lose their manhood and they won’t feel like normal men. However, it is scientifically proved that those who have undergone a vasectomy don’t lose anything except the fact that their semen doesn’t contain sperms any more. There aren’t any changes in the mood, in the voice, in the sex drives and of course men will continue to grow their beard and body hair. Absolutely all sexual characteristics of men will remain the same as they were before the surgery. Even the amount of semen liquid will remain the same, because sperm is only a minor part of that liquid. Those who didn’t have any problems with harder erection also won’t have problems after the surgery.

Before you make any decision visit your doctor and preferably an urologist to get detailed and objective information. It's a good solution for contraception, you can have a direct contact without condom can make sex much better and most of the time guy can feel more sensitive and boost sexual desire.

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