Thursday, June 19, 2014

How to avoid infections during oral sex?

Many people think that oral sex is perfectly safe when it comes to infections and diseases. Although it’s true that oral sex is much safer compared to vaginal and anal sex, there are still some rules that need to be respected.

First and foremost, many couples have limited knowledge when we talk about HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) and other sexually transmitted diseases.  They believe that the cause for these diseases is unprotected vaginal sex but they forgot that it is possible to get infected during oral sex too. For example, HIV is transmitted through blood, vaginal discharges and seminal fluids (sperm). Even if you don’t swallow it there is high probability that the seminal fluid will get in touch with some of the bruises or small wounds in the mouth (sores and wounds on gums for example). We have the same situation with vaginal fluids too. Men get in touch with these fluids from the very beginning of the cunnilingus.

As you probably know, even if the man doesn’t ejaculate in the mouth of his partner, there are still high chances that small amounts of seminal fluids will enter his partner’s mouth and this is just enough to transmit some disease if he is already suffering from one. The same goes for vaginal discharges that can be transferred to the penis through the hand. In these cases we can expect fungal infection or genital herpes which can be very unpleasant and in many cases incurable.

Furthermore, even if the man during oral sex decides to ejaculate his semen on the face of his partner there is high risk of infections or diseases if the seminal fluid enters the eyes, because the fluid will be in a direct contact with the mucous membrane of the eyes. We should be very careful with previously mentioned herpes (regardless if it is a genital or classical type of herpes) because it is transmitted through contact. This means that it doesn’t have to enter the blood system in order to get infected. 
If you are practicing oral sex with a person that you don’t know well, you should always use a condom. Your penis will be perfectly safe of possible risky saliva or vaginal discharges. The same goes for women who are afraid of possible infections because of sperm discharge inside their mouths, because a condom will fully protect her from infected seminal fluid.

Vaginal protection is available but it’s less practical and it usually comes in a form of polyvinyl chloride barrier placed inside. Both partners want feel the same level of pleasure and the wetness usually plays vital role in the sex act, but it will protect you from possible health threats. Although using some protection might sound like a huge turn off for some sexually active people, there is no reason to be disappointed because nowadays you can find condoms in different flavors while those who prefer polyvinyl solution can spice up the things by using chocolate or jelly.    

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