Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Safe Anal Sex

Anal sex can provide great sexual desire and it is no wonder why there are so many people around the world that are practicing anal sex. However, anal sex can sometimes bring some risks so it is always a good idea to read some tips about having safe anal sex.

Although in the past centuries anal sex was considered to be immoral, today this type of sex is no longer a taboo or a type of sex that is practiced rarely. In fact, according to some studies around 25% of women and around 25% of homosexual men are practicing anal sex. Just like any other type of sex, anal sex can result in some sexually transmitted diseases such as Chlamydia proctitis (inflammation of the rectum),  anogenital warts, rectal gonorrhea, fungal infection of the skin around the colon and the anus, inflammation of the skin around the anus caused by herpes simplex virus etc. Therefore, we must be very careful and use appropriate protection.

When it comes to safe anal sex, it is very important to pay attention to the foreplay because very often this is the most risky part of the sexual intercourse. We must be very careful from the moment when the kissing and moisturizing of the anus starts. This is most often the period when one of the partners starts rubbing the penis against the anus and the ejaculate comes in contact with the anus. These secretions can easily enter the colon although the hard erection penis is protected with a condom. That’s why it is always good to apply lubricant by using a finger in and around the opening of the anus. Don’t use regular creams or oils because they can damage the condom and the soft skin on the anus. The best product to use is lubricant based on water.

Those who are infected with a STD should know that most of them are curable but there are certain diseases like HIV infection, which can only be treated in order to lower the symptoms of the disease, to lower the possibility of transmitting the disease and get better quality of life in general.

In some cases people that have practiced anal sex can notice stains of blood after the sex act is finished. These stains are usually caused by inner hemorrhoids or some smaller internal wound. If you feel pain after bowel discharge then we are talking about internal wounds. If there is no pain at all you can relax. In order to avoid such things you should avoid practicing rough anal sex and enjoy a relaxed and gentle sex. If the intercourse is painful it is better to stop and try later when the partner is ready.

If you notice any kind of change around the anus, in the colon, on the glans penis, testicles, inner side of the thighs, on the vagina or inside the vagina, make sure you visit your doctor. All these things can be symptoms of STD. These examinations are a must for all men who are practicing sex with other men as well as for men and women who are having sex with more than one partner.  

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