Friday, June 13, 2014

The Risks of having Too Much Sex

Just like any other activity, overuse of sex can lead to some health difficulties and unpleasant situations. Too much sex means long lasting sex that takes place every day.

Sex is a great cardiovascular exercise. Similar to other cardiovascular activities, sex leads to buildup of lactic acid in the muscles which ultimately leads to muscle fatigue. Because of the unusual pressure on the joints, present during the sexual intercourse (especially in some sex positions), those who practice long sex can feel pain in the joints. For example, the so-called missionary sex position requires pressure on the man’s hands which certainly has an impact on the wrists. This position can also be very demanding for women too, because they have their legs spread and this can cause muscle cramps or strains from the inner side of the thigh muscles.

Long sex sessions can lead to bruises on the knees, elbows and back. It is perfectly normal to experience some bruises when a wave of passion hits us during the sexual game but very long sex acts and constant rubbing of the knees or elbows can cause deeper wounds, especially if the sex act doesn’t take place in the bed (if it is performed on the floor for example).

The hard erection penis is more resistant on dryness but women can find longer sex sessions very uncomfortable because after certain period the vagina gets dry. It reduce sexual desire in both parties. Using lubricants can help in situations like these, but if they don’t use lubricants they can experience genital bruises on the vagina that are potentially dangerous because they can cause infections.

During sex, heart beats and body temperature increase. The body has its own way to regulate this change – sweating. But this sweating means that the body is losing great amounts of liquids that need to be restored by drinking water. Using some drinks that are recommended for athletes can be beneficial too. We need to drink more water especially in situations where we have consumed alcohol before having sex. If you start to feel mild headache during sex it means that you are starting to be dehydrated. This is the perfect time to drink a glass of water and continue where you have stopped before.

Many women are prone to getting infections because of frequent and long lasting sex. The reason behind this is the increased level of bacteria in the vagina. Frequent urination and drinking water is something that can help a lot.
Sex is a very intense physical activity and those who are not in their best shape should not have long sex because it can cause a heart attack. This advice is especially useful for older people. Keep in mind that regular normal sex is beneficial for the heart.

If you and your partner are one of those couples who enjoy longer sex sessions make sure you practice same safer sex positions. Sex position that require flexibility and rapid movements can lead to injuries especially if you are tired. 

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