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Is Having Sex During Pregnancy Safe?

Once you hear that you are going to be Parents, you become thrilled and in this excitement forget about all the ups and downs that pregnancy brings along with it. However, when the initial euphoria dies down, different issues emerges among them especially regarding doing sex with your partner. There are different issues that emerge in your mind. Knowing them can let you lead your sexual life during the pregnancy period happily.

Having sex during pregnancy
If you are having normal pregnancy, then you can make love with your partner, till the water breaks. You just need not worry that getting intimate during this period may lead to vaginal infection and or miscarriage. Even there are fewer chances that if you have normal sex during this period then you have least chances of miscarriage. Thus, don’t hesitate and enjoy your relationship most when it is needed.

Sex and Baby
Many to-be- mothers are worried that sex may harm their baby. It’s not that, nature has designed humans in such a way that it has created a thick mucus plug which guards against any infection by sealing your cervix. The strong muscles of your uterus and the amniotic sac are enough to protect your baby. However, if you have these problems then please consult your Doctor
·         - Abdominal pains or cramps
·         - Bleeding
·         - Broken water
·         - Cervical weakness
If your husband is suffering from genital herpes then you should avoid sex during this period.

Feeling during having sex when pregnant

Many women feel the same as they had felt having sex with their partner earlier. However, for some it’s even better while others it’s not that good.
During pregnancy, the blood flow increases to your pelvic area that causes your genitals to engorge. Hence the sexual sensation is at its height. After the intercourse many women feel full like never before during this period. However, many may find that they cannot reach intense orgasm quickly as earlier during pregnancy. This occurs generally because clitoris is less sensitive during this period.
If you have ever find that during intercourse you are feeling pain, then it may be due to deep penetration, this pain can be avoided by shallow penetration or by following proper postures during this period.

It has been seen that many couples prefers and enjoys foreplay during this period rather than doing intercourse. Men enjoy oral sex, they can get a hard erection while you give them oral sex. What is needed most is that you must be satisfied with your partner and relationship, whatever method you apply.

Oral sex during pregnancy
Oral sex during pregnancy is totally safe and it would never harm your baby. And this is the best solution when you find intercourse during this period risky. Only thing that your husband must avoid is blowing air in the vagina as it may block a blood vessel and cause embolism, which can prove fatal for your baby.

Husband’s feelings during pregnancy
It happens many times that your husband’s sex drives changes during pregnancy. During first two trimesters he may be normal, but during the third one, he may not feel having sexual relationships with you. Common reasons for such behaviour are
·         - Fearing about hurting the baby
·         - Worried about your and your baby’s health
  - Feelings about the parenthood.

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