Tuesday, June 24, 2014

What is foreplay?

Foreplay is very important part of the sexual intercourse and that’s why you should not skip this part if you want to experience good sex.

Although many men don’t need foreplay, it is a well known fact that most women need foreplay and since sex is an activity that requires two satisfied partners in order to be unforgettable we should not forget foreplay regardless of our gender. Foreplay is often described as an introduction for the main act – vaginal sexual intercourse. There are many people who consider foreplay to be more important even from the act of sex. It is not unusual to hear women who complain about their partner who doesn’t pay too much attention to foreplay – kissing, cuddling, arousing. They skip that and try to enter the vagina immediately. It’s much easier for men to get aroused. They can get stronger erection even by watching a naked woman, but women require a little bit more in order to get excited and wet. Since the foreplay is an important part of the sexual intercourse you can make efforts and make this part of the sex exceptional.

Those who are looking for clear instructions about how foreplay should look like and what kind of foreplay is the best, will be disappointed to hear that there are no universal rules that apply to every couple. Sexual pleasure including foreplay is something personal and it is different for each individual and this is why you need to start exploring your body and the body of your partner to get the first clues. Try to listen to your partner and what he or she finds exciting and try out different methods in order to sync and enjoy. A lot of women find kissing really arousing so if your partner starts to complain that she misses kissing it’s time to act. Don’t forget that lips are erogenous zone so you must use it every time you are starting with a sexual intercourse. Kissing is good during sex too, it boost sexual desire within. And it’s not just the lips that will make you excited, kiss your partner on the neck and on the face. Generally speaking, try to make the foreplay more interesting and of course more pleasing.

It is always good to remember that creating the perfect ambience for sex is acknowledging the importance of foreplay and not trying to reach the genitalia of your partner as fast as you can. There is a reason why romance existed for so many centuries. For example, try to provide good amount of heat in the room where you plan to have sex (usually bedroom), because cold environment usually makes people focus on trying to get warm. And your little brother may have a soft erection if the temperature is way too low. Besides that having sex under so many sheets and blankets can be complicated. It is always a good thing to make a compliment about your partner’s appearance.

There is no definition for a good foreplay. The most important thing is to be aware that foreplay is a necessary part of the sexual act and that you should use your imagination.    

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