Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Tips To End Premature Ejaculation

You have the best chance to help your partner kick away premature ejaculation if you encouraged him to try the below mentioned tips that also deal with erectile dysfunction. Premature (PE) is basically ejaculating too early and is the most prominent problem than over 78% of men all over the world suffer from.
As important as it is to fully understand physical and emotional consequences which lead to PE, many men look for fix quick processes instead of going for certain techniques which are known. to either slow down or entirely halt PE.

The below mentioned techniques are you can help your partner learn and skills that he can use to lower his sexual response when he takes a dip in your special place. By allowing him to dive in, you are able to do more than try to extend his longevity.
With these techniques, you have the opportune chance of building your relationship and strengthening your intimate connection… let’s get started

Deep breathing
Deep Breathing is a meditation form which goes a long way in helping one control their arousal, tension which are elements that cause early ejaculation. Do your best and see to it that he avoids shallow, short breathes that trigger his heart beat and make him come too early.
See to it that he spends at-least five seconds taking in one huge deep full breath, ask him to hold the breath for 3 seconds and slowly exhale out the breath in 5 seconds. If he is able to practice this method for five minutes without breaking off the rhythm, then he can transfer this skill set into the bedroom.
Again, if the two of you focus on each other’s breath concentrating on every rise and fall, you shall instantly create an intimate connection.

Stop, Start Process
This is an exercise that you should start alone. Allow your partner to masturbate by himself and bring himself close to orgasm and stopping. After he relaxes, he should proceed with bringing himself closer and closer, stopping, relaxing, doing it again until when he is unable to handle it any longer.
By allowing him, to do it by himself without any distraction will help him know where his point of no return reaches. After he is fully aware that he has mastered the technique, now you should start sexual activity session that stops short of intercourse.

Squeezing Process
This is a process that will need one of you to squeeze the penis base at the same time the stop and start process is underway, do it when your partner is at a brink of orgasm. The whole idea is no minimize/slow sown his erection as you squeeze.
Let him do this sequence by his own first, master the technique and finally he will invite you to practice the same with him.


The above mentioned tricks will help your man cure erectile dysfunction, get over premature ejaculation and turn out to be the tiger he was supposed to be in bed…

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